Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Poor lad. His World Cup wasn’t that bad




Still waiting on the transfer to Everton.


Everyone’s favourite giant dæmon, Pantilimon, is resigning for Forest. He was excellent last season. Karanka wants another 4(!) players. God knows what are wage bill is going to look like.


Mahrez to City, 60mio!


Good stuff. A rare case of City actually haggling and getting a fair price. Probably been the best winger in England in recent years, hasn’t he? Does feel like we’ve got enough already, though, tbh.


Looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of “City sign Mahrez and we sign fucking Lee Grant” chat as if they are in any way comparable things


Came into ownership of this recently. Is Kevin still there/spoken of fondly/statue in the office?


Different product innit, we renamed from Championship Manager in 2005. I know that there is mutual respect for sure though.


his wiki says

a simulation game released in the early 1980s that included a portrait of his bearded face on publicity material and cassette covers.[2]

quite like how passive aggressive bearded face sounds


I believe he is currently posting as @profk


Yohan Cabaye has signed for a Saudi Arabian team.

Rater gutted as he was excellent in the second half of last season. Bit it will free significant wages (£86k pw)


South London a much less handsome place now as well


Ah gutted - was sad to see him leave Newcastle too, very much a fan favourite


This Sandro Rosell, black-market liver for Eric Abidal story is pretty nuts eh…


is Cronaldo off to Juventus
hope so


People seem to be suggesting Mbarmcake’s off to Real for £240m.


They’ve put out the ol’ official denial like they tend to when they are just about to sign someone


Actually think Ronaldo to Juve would be quite interesting. Only increases the longevity of their squidding, but could imagine him pulverising that league as well for a couple of years as a centre-forward.


Pretty mental indeed.

Més que un club