Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Villa’s director of football got sacked this morning, no explanation why

club is falling apart


Higuain to chelsea?


This will bite me in the arse but I feel like Higuain would be properly shit in England.


Higuain for 60m and Sandro to united for 50m is Ronaldos fee and first years wages at Juve.

All fitting into place


I don’t know what those words mean.

The deal is the first ever sports sponsorship deal involving a cryptocurrency exchange platform, representing an exciting development for the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.

Exciting indeed.



Jacky boy Wilshire to West Ham is the most perfectly matched pairing


Was there as a nipper right?


I just meant cos he’s a gobby little shite and that, think so though


just remembered Jurgen Collin


Nah he wasn’t, but his family are all West Ham


Bad fit that. Unmotivated player and rudderless club.

Would have liked to see him go to Bornemouth, Newcastle, Brighton or Fulham, wages permitting.


Bornemouth find again for cheating, ffs.

Some of these FFP fines have been shocking. Money’s ruining the game.


Even though I don’t actually want us to fork out £250m for Ronaldo, and Juve is clearly the better option for all involved, I’m still a bit disappointed that he’s not #cominghome



bit of a step up from Bendtner on loan


oh sorry, step down


it’s actually a fine reduction. Was £7 mil 2 years ago, and have contested and settled at £4mil
Meanwhile, Brighton are £250mil in debt but got to the prem “organically”. Ok.


Probably head back to Sporting (Lisbon) at some point though tbh.