Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup




To be fair, they’d set a pretty clear precedent with Leicester.

I think we can all agree that the fairest solution is reducing everyone’s fine, except QPR’s.



Maybe Forest could get our transfer ban retroactively lifted on the basis that all the players we bought with the FFP-breaking cash were shite.


You’re only signing quality now


These are cool…


The deal comes with a free metal detector to check all 80,000 people in the London Stadium are wearing Help for Heroes chastity belts


Zinchenko to Wolves for £16m apparently.


Sky have announced their TV fixtures.

I hope nobody has any friends or family events to go to on the 30th September at 4pm, it’s the big one, Cardiff v Burnley.


Fuck’s sake


You’ve got something to go to at 4pm on the 30th September?


Leicester to open the league for the 3rd season running.

2016/17: Lost to Hull ffs, as reining champions
2017/18: Threw it away against Arsenal and lost 4-3
2018/19: Smashing Man Utd 7-0, double hattrick from Maguire


Got tickets to Leicester that is now on a fucking Friday night…


Can’t believe you reminded me Cardiff are in the Premiership ffs.


Oh :frowning: You got train tickets already?


Nah, will cancel the ticket now I imagine


I’ll be on a flight on my way to wake up billie Joe Armstrong


Quite happy with wilshere tbh. Nice to have a player who actually wants to be here (supposedly he’s turned down bigger offers from elsewhere).
Will basically be a lanzini stand in.

The thought of him hanging out with Carroll (probably in the treatment room) is a little worrying though…


It’s a tricky one. He’s a very good player but we’ve been so burnt with injury prone players that you just know he’s going to get crocked in a pre-season friendly.

Payet though.


Yeah, I’m trying to stay away from that - don’t want to get my hopes up.


It’s never going to happen but if it did the announcement video would be a thing of wonder