Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Wilshere has signed for West Ham.

Bit of news on a non World Cup day.


Nothing has ever made more sense than this pairing


That’s a really nice kit (obvious betting company caveat)




Fuck off with your meh bollocks




Looks a very good signing if you banish all thoughts of Carroll and Dyer.


slowly assembling England b-list… :confused: with hart in the net etc


He’ll get both assists in a Carroll brace in an opening weekend win at Anfield and then neither of them will ever play with the other ever again.


Hart has gone. Thankfully.


But what a day that will be.


Great move for Wilshere. Two clubs in the Premier League where three or four good performances a season’s enough to keep the fans onside and he’s gone from one to the other.


There are seemingly loads of positives…

Still only 26. No fee. Appearance / performance based contract. Carroll, Antonio, Reid, Byram and Obiang have all played far less games in the past 2 seasons than him - so his brittleness is a bit of a myth nowadays. Family connection to the club. Think he feels he has something to prove re: England squad. Fills a large Lanzini shaped hole. Offers us qualities no current player in our squad does.

…but this is West Ham so odds on for a season ending injury against Wycombe next weekend.


I heard £7million signing on fee and £130k per week?


@nestor Thoughts on Yarmolenko joining us?

Obviously his figures for Kiev and Ukraine are pretty phenomenal, but didn’t really see any of him at Dortmund last season. Still got better figures than Pulisic and had an injury…


Think that was up until last week. He went out to Turkey for talks - didn’t fancy it and came back and dropped his figures/fees massively as he was out of London options. Few of our ITK’s said we weren’t even interested up until that point.


Absolutely banged them in on Football Manager 2013 (hi @Antpocalypsenow!). Hope this helps.


He’s been Ukraine’s best, most important player since Shevchenko retired. Elevates us from being a thoroughly mediocre side to one that can challenge for qualification. A lot more reliable and consistent than Konoplyanka on the other side.

Think Dortmund might’ve been a step too far for him, though I didn’t see loads of them last season, and I gather the management situation and general shambles didn’t help him. I think he’d do a good job at a big Turkish club or a Europa-level Spanish/Italian team so can imagine West Ham would do really well to get him.

Might be pretty flakey and frustrating but contribute some great moments. With Arnautovic and Wilshere as well, you’re gonna have a lot of that…


Remember him absolutely tearing up Man City in that Europa League match where Balotelli decided he was allergic to grass. Amazed he’s still so (comparatively) young.


In other West Ham signing news…what a fabulous trio of names.