Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Somewhere Ruud Boffin is smiling to himself


Barnaby Bossom!!!


Speaking of obscure West Ham keepers, I see Raphael Spiegel was in goal in the side playing against us in that friendly on Sunday.


From women’s rugby… is that a thing… a team…


Lovely attempted overhead kick 36 seconds into this:


‘they miss the bike!’


We are it seems singing Jordan Rhodes on loan to appease some idiot fans


Celtic’s first competitive game of 18/19 is today. July 10th, ffs.


Ronaldo to Juve, £105m then. Nice not to have him linked to Utd this summer at least


I’m seeing 240 mio euros, not ALL IN, but including wages and transfer fee.

Doubt they’ll announce it until after the World Cup, hey?


Imagine how much #shirtsales chat they’d have been if he’d have gone back to Big Red!


Shit the bed!

A cool £25mio profit on a player who you became your all-time top scorer, won four CLs with and had for the entirety of their peak years.


basically, United got fucked


Bloody hell. Kind of transfer that sets the market into meltdown.

Reckon Madrid will sign whoever wins the golden ball. Not made a proper, out and out galactico signing since Bale.


They’ll get Mbappe won’t they.

I reckon Bale will probably go as well


Am i the only one who thinks PSG would be mad to keep Neymar ahead of Mbarmcake?


seen people saying that Hazard wants to go there but they’re not sure if they want him
which seems pretty insane, reckon he could win them the league title with a single motivated season


I agree, if they’re in a position to only have one then it’d only be Neymar for commercial/prestige reasons IMO


In tactical terms it will be really interesting to see how they do shifting Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema in one summer and replacing them with, i’d guess Hazard, Nermar or Mbappe and Lewandowski or (coughs) Morata.


Reckon Benzema is off as well? Lewandowski will almost certainly happen I guess so it makes sense.