Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



I’d probably go for Sané, Mbappé and Firmino.

Reckon they could juice Sané up into an absolute Ronaldo-y unit.


Reckon they’ll go for Mane also btw


Maybe they’ll go for the dream attack of Sané, Kané and Mané?


Guaranteed that Real knew this was coming and have something in place. Given that both of the Neymar and Mbappe transfers reek of dodgy dealings, that’s the first place you’d turn.

And my tinfoil hat just told me that Real’s part in that deal would have been wrapped up in advance to the moves to PSG and PSG won’t have any say in who they let go of.



Everything else aside, would be nice if this somehow caused some kind of ascendancy with Serie A eh (as opposed to it becoming even more of a one team league)


Would’ve thought Higuain will leave. Not really a Benzema-style unselfish striker and would occupy the same No 9 spaces as Ronaldo - who is basically a massive upgrade on him in terms of reliability in the latter stages of the Champions League

7 straight league titles. Four straight domestic doubles for Allegri. They’ve killed any meaning in Italian football - basically going all in on the Champions League, and the perfect signing if that’s the plan tbf


CR7 is going to look very handsome in all that nice Juve clobber innit


Bout time for a real galactico summer. Mbappe. Salah, Kane, Hazard. 600mio


Paulinho from Guangzhou Evergrande - £110m


lol @ Buffon leaving


451 goals in 438 appearances.

Fucking hell that is mental isn’t it.


Paulinho back to barca the day after - £111m

Probably make him swallow a few connies full of coke as well, poor old money mule :frowning:


Had to bow out now, couldn’t risk losing his positive goals/games ratio on his Wikipedia page



He needs 291 goals to be Juventus record goal scorer


Can someone with up to date coefficient stats say whether we should be worried about this transfer?


Reckon he’ll suffer withdrawal symptoms?


Would be proper funny if he spends the summer living the Wayne life and turns up a stone overweight, scores 10 a season and fucks off to the States or sporting in 2 years


Got rid of the coefficient haven’t they