Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Do you reckon he’s going there cos they clapped him when he scored that goal
what a softy


I miss it :frowning:

Probably wouldn’t matter anyway. England’s last spot was a little precarious for a bit but I reckon the Premier League will dominate European football again now.


I disgaree slightly…granted you can’t argue with that record but a) there have still been some excellent title races/exciting teams that have come pretty close and b) there are enough glimmers of hope to believe another team can topple Juve in the next few years (most likely Napoli or Inter).


I honestly think Serie A’s been the best quality, most entertaining league in the world for two seasons. I don’t know if Juve’s dominance has hindered it that much. In fact, i don’t know if a dominant side hinders leagues at all. Maybe the dismantling of Sarri’s Napoli will blunt things a bit, but i find it a league which is much more narrative-heavy right down the table now than Spain, England or Germany. I expect Ronaldo’s transfer will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the league.

Then again, i enjoy Scottish and Portuguese football, so it might be me.



Agree generally, last season was brilliant from top to bottom, and a League is more than its title winner. I think it’s a bit of a farce at the top though, and last season was as close as anyone will get.


As much as anyone with a heart wants him to fail miserably, honestly think Gerrard’s making some very decent signings at Sevco.


shame they can’t sell their new kit till october though eh?


I always think the Soccer Guy twitter account is a bit much until I listen to actual US commentary.


Take good care of him, @bugduv


He’ll start >12 games and Sterling will go to Spain by February.


£120m to sit on the bench

Nearly as bad as Bournemouth


Would be really great if FIFA or someone really looked after these Thai lads. Strikes me as the sort of thing a big club will jump on for PR, but hope not. Maybe bung them all a Final ticket or something?


FIFA did offer them tickets to the WC final but due to the medical attention they need after their ordeal they can’t take up the offer.


What do you do for fun, Hoogy?



United invited them to old Trafford about 10 minutes after they got out


Obviously what he was taking a dig at


No they were swam out not dug out.

The dug out guys were from chilli. We invited them too

Wonder if they’ll let the swam outs sit in the dugout


Mmmm chilli