Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Big transfer news from Liverpool!!!

Can and Flanagan out


they certainly both look delighted


both coming off a big night on the beamish with @Kallgeese and ginge.


I do kind of miss the days when a world cup was a scouting bonanza. Obviously plenty of players picked up after tournaments turned out to be toilet…but it was exciting to “discover” someone.

This is basically a “modern football” post


I’d be tempted to agree, but then bar the really big European nations whose leagues i watch every weekend, and countries like Belgium, Serbia, Argentina and Brazil whose players almost exclusive play in those league i’d struggle to name more than two or three players from any international side.

I honstly couldn’t tell you who Senegal, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Australia, Costa Rica, Russia, South Korea or Tunisia’s best player was, and i read about world football constantly and must watch twenty games a week.


Arsenal are signing Sokratis for approx. six Johnny Evanses. We’re also probably signing some Turkish CB called Soyuncu or something. Don’t really care but I hope Bugduv eats his words.

Hopefully means Mustafi is off


You’re right, from my point of view I reckon I won’t have seen any football (highlights aside) from about 70-80% of players at the world cup. Which is probably only slightly less than pre-internet world cups…but now the disconnect is that the football clubs themselves have very in depth knowledge. So, for example, in World Cup 1998, a player who catches the eye is probably just as unknown to PL clubs as I would’ve been.


Too late to edit this now but it’s a poorly written post…that looks like I’m comparing myself to international footballers circa 1998


You should have that as your tag line: wonton - better known than 75% of late 90s footballers


below my name, @moderators?


Big mistake by Spurs. He’s clearly a 4 season wonder


wrong thread idiot


Can I cry/rant about my team here? Thanks.

Being in the A-League we’re a “franchise” not a “club”. We were given a 5-year renewal on our license, subject to off-field performance (higher attendance, higher TV viewership). All our games are at 7.30, mostly on Sunday, to suit the Australian TV market, so parents all take their kids to rugby instead. We have minimal crowds and are playing shit. Shit performance = small crowds = impossible to get better players, so it’s a vicious circle.

Our last coach started by fighting with the goalkeeper pre-season, dropping him for that “well done, he’s 12” kid. Who played OK actually. He then fought with the assistant coach, who quit, taking his son (one of our best midfielders) with him. As a coach he specialised in getting us to 2-0 or 3-0 leads which we then surrendered. He quit near the end of the season.

Our owner is a egotistical fucker who spent millions setting up the Rational Centrist Mansplainers Party [not actual name] and who doesn’t want to own the club. Current suggestions include merging us with a new club…in Sydney, and playing half our home games in Wellington and half in Sydney. Our club has announced three “signings” this offseason - all of them renewals of players we already had.

We won’t exist in two more years. So no matter how bad your team has it, it could always be worse.


We’ve just signed three players in the last two days, Connor Grant from Everton, Niall Canavan from Rochdale (we don’t often sign players I’ve heard of so that’s nice) and Freddie Ladapo from Southend (@ynot was he any good at Palace?)
Sonny Bradley has left which is shit cause he’s looking likely to sign for Luton which means purely for £££s, but with Canavan and Ryan Edwards fit and cancer free it’s not that bad. Decent couple of days, more new players would be nice, including a striker who can score after last season’s Nadir Ciftci/Simon Church fiasco.


He hardly played for us, we signed him from Margate and then loaned him out to lower league sides where I don’t think he did much.

But our injury crisis was so bad earlier this season, we had no choice to play him at Old Trafford.


Actually that game at Old Trafford was his one and only game for us. We had a very weak team out that day.


I understand South Korea’s best player is the most underrated player in the world. Possibly of all time




I think Gareth Barry played for England, mate.

Might be wrong.