Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Can somebody much funnier than me do a gag about how these poor lads have already been through enough


If van gaal was still there he’d be trying to play them


Reckon City letting Jorginho go to Chelsea after agreeing terms with the player and spending a month haggling over €2m of add-ons could be a pretty massive ricket.


Shaqiri and Krychowiak are extremely Liverpool circa 2012 type signings.


Pep’s spent half a billion in 2 years.



Players or supplements?


We’ve given a defensive midfielder the no. 11 shirt, time to fold.




Austerity doesn’t work


According to the Guardian and a few bods on Twitter. Doubt it’ll happen, but you live in hope.


That would be a turn up for the books eh. He was woeful last season.


Any Peterborough fans on here? Wellington have gone and signed Steven Taylor, wondering if he’s any good since he left Newcastle?


course he isnt!


Well clearly if he was he wouldn’t be signing for us, but by L1 or L2 standards, how is he?


Seri is quite a coup for Fulham eh.


Apparently beat Chelsea to him. Odd. Wonder how much bunse has gone under the table there


I for one am thrilled about pretending to be excited about Mourinhoball again



Fulham have got a better midfield than Man United!


First time I’ve seen our new kit. Lovely stuff. Throwback to the demon Internet ones


Woah woah woah woah woah. Come on now.