Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Assumed you’d have seen Tom Cairney play, mate?


oh i remember domestic football again now…


My hearts not in it at the moment, already resigned myself to Fred being sub-Kleberson



Fulham £60mil all in on a single midfielder!
fuckinghell #gamesgone


Would appreciate it if Fulham are one of those teams that smashes the bottom half of the league with tiki taka counter gegenpressing etc while immediately folding to any team with a superior technique (i.e. Also a United bogey team)


That was pretty much exactly what we did in our good Premier league seasons (also shitting ourselves away at any big physical units obviously)


United have got a shirt sleeve sponsor. Priorities


The inevitable happened to AC Milan…previous owner missed a payment, hedge fund sharks jumped straight in and took control

Might not be as bad as it first seems, though. Sure, they’ve gained a club through pretty distasteful means…but at a discount price. And rather than sell it on…the owner is talking about staying, realising that if he gets them back into the CL, he should be able to double the amount he paid if he were to sell. So…so long as he doesn’t spend over £300 million (net)…then it’s a healthy profit.

Could be the best thing to happen to AC in years. And it’s probably just what Serie A needs…


glad seri’s gone to the neutrals, probably means we’re keeping kante.


Jorginho to Chelsea DONE


This is going to be superb bullet dodging from City with both Jorginho and Fred now eh


I think that might be the defining transfer of the summer. Really fancy Chelsea next season. A Kanté/Jorginho midfield will be pretty inpenetrable.

Think City are being a bit naive in their transfer dealings of late. He was their number one target and it was all agreed then they started haggling over minute add-ons. I mean, it’s worked out well when other players have gone elsewhere, but this was exactly the player we needed.


Must be something in the manchester and salford water


Also think City have caught a bit of the didn’t-want-him-anyway-itis from other clubs. Not sure i’m a big fan of that. If i was a player and got offered much better pay to move to London over Manchester and work for a coach i knew over one i didn’t i’d go to Chelsea, 100%. Not sure style of play/performance under a previous coach would have a bearing on anything, and i’d want to know i’d play.


So when are United gonna sign Harry Maguire?


We needed him a lot more than City tbh. Who would he have replaced in the city lineup? Fernandinho?


surely pickford will get a move to a bigger club too after his WC display?


I expect this will be Fernandinho and maybe Silva’s last season at City, yeah. Both still brilliant, but i suspect the plan was for them to share duties with Jorginho and Bernardo next year.


You should be going after Isco as hard as possible to replace silva. Can’t think of another player that would be more suited to pep