Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Palace have let Bakary Sako go as he wanted £80k a week. He might be heading back to Wolves.

Quite glad to see him go, he had his litttle purple patch for 6 weeks earlier this season, but apart from that he’d been a waste of space for three years, hardly playing on £65k pw.

We are pretty light squad wise with him and Cabaye going, so I hope we’ve got someone lined up.




Why haven’t your lot been playing Lindelöf ? He’s good


Oblong Shaquri just booked into a Liverpool dentist



When you smile with your mouth closed because your teeth are being held in acid


Enjoy watching Enter Shaqiri at Liverpool


Always liked him

Not now though the Scouse twat


He looked quite error prone when he played. Which obvs gets exacerbated by Jose’s man management techniques…



Two normal dudes having a normal one.



Just really hope that when Arsenal’s players are suddenly sprinting with 20% more intensity over last season, people don’t go praising Emery’s training methods or motivation tactics or some shit. Get a clue, dickheads



I’ll give him six months.


Can only hope to one day be at the level that someone does a praise video of me complete with unattributed hype quotes :((


Jorginho as well. Great news.

Now we just need Roman’s visa sorted out.


Arsenal are playing a friendly. 5 - 0 up at half-time, with a Aubameyang hat trick and also goals from Lacazette and Nelson.


Wolves are in some pre-season tournoi in Switzerland at the moment. Came out as 2-1 winners over Basel a few days ago and have beaten off Young Boys 3-0 this afternoon.


Weird that they taken a load of quotes about Paul Scholes and put them over that


Reckon they’ll clinch the big one* this year?

*Emirates cup