Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



There was a rumour he’d failed his medical

Is it even possible for athletes at that level to fail medicals?


Yeah, can be something like some dodgy cartilage in a knee that makes the buying club think it’s not worth the risk. Doubt anyone fails the bleep test or anything like that bar Andy Reid


Owen Hargreaves passed one after leaving united. So no


Dunno if it’s like buying a house, find out is a bit knackered so try talking the price down…


60mil for fekir if you throw in the fridge and the oven


Deal, but I’m taking the lightbulbs!


I reckon there might be some politics involved too, the Lyon owner was pretty insistent last week that Fekir was going nowhere until after the World Cup

Who knows


I particularly like all the references to “we” without any mention of which club is actually being referred to.

Looks like we’re picking up a couple of Bournemouth’s reserves, so that’s good news. I’ve heard that Smith is off, although that might just be his agent putting the word out.


Could be another one of these:


Wolf castle?


You take that back!


Hudderfield have a new badge. It looks prefty awful.



looks like the ukip lion is ill


I’m a southend fan.

I saw ladapos first appearance for us (bury away) and I thought he was bright spark and linked up play quite nicely, but after that he wasn’t very good. One of those strikers who never really appears to have the ball under control and had close to no goal threat, as his stats show. However, he’s played at a relatively high level and so maybe he’s a fresh start and an early goal away from breaking through. He’s a big awkward striker and they can be hard to defend against.


Oh and we were after sonny Bradley but he’s looking like he’s off to Luton as you say


Yeah I think he might have potential, and Adams seems really good at taking players (like Bradley and Graham Carey) who’ve been a bit written off and getting the best out of them.
Bradley would have been a potentially great signing for you, for anyone really, but a) he may have peaked at Argyle judging by the rest of his career, and b) Luton have got a load of money so it’s hard to compete with that in our league.


Went to NZ v Japan women today. Good game, the Japanese are a really pleasant side to watch, lots of fast, one-touch passing, some very nice movement from their number 8 ( (Yu Nakasato) and 11 (Mina Tanaka). New Zealand were hilariously, stereotypically Kiwi: big, agricultural players hoofing the ball everywhere, and playing a very deep 4-5-1 (“you’d think our back nine would have been able to stop them scoring three goals” pointed out my friend). NZ kickoffs were like rugby kickoffs, punted straight by the centre-forward towards the Japanese right back.

Very nice atmosphere and little whining, dirt, or time-wasting by the players. Think I might just start supporting Japan women, tbh.


That’s a bit literal innit :confused:


Being informed that Huddersfield Town are to be relegated to a domestic basketball league in 18/19. A pity, but I don’t make the rules.


Leicester, Everton and Newcastle are after Marcus Rashford on loan.

If he us available, I hope we declare an interest, we desperately need a striker and with Fosu-Mensah and Loftus-Cheek enjoying it at Palace hopefully they’d recommend us. I think he’d be the perfect fit for us.