Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Thought he was going to Madrid?

Courtois going there now? Back in for de Gea?


Hazard Courtois DOUBLE SWOOP for £220mio is my prediction


but he’s said the transfer market is for cowards.

I anticipate we’ll keep hold of an unhappy hazard next season, wigs fall off around February, Sarri sacked before the end of the season with Zola bumped up to steer the ship to a Europa League place. Hazard sold in the summer for 30 million.


underpay. tbo is worth about 50 million even with the contract situation. i wouldn’t take less than 200 for hazard.




Golovin DONE.

dunno what this means in terms of exits. Fabregas off to China I guess?




?? He’s the best midfielder in the premiership on his day, almost invaluable to the side he plays for, Real have deep pockets. if coutinho goes for 150 million, hazard is worth 200.


Post cant pcbe empty


let’s agree to disagree



Coutinho was 125m, younger and everyone agrees barca overpaid (even in the current market)


3 stars on the shirt. frank de boer still gleaming


Genuinely worried about Liverpool. 2 new midfielders who will improve them massively and a class new keeper.

Fuck this


Bit late to the party, I see


They’ve got real work to do in order to cling on to any moral high-ground though eh. Every cloud…


Definitely no chance of them looking good for a bit then being a bit flakey when it matters, not this year


how many times do I have to repeat myself


its our year


Can I reiterate: Harry Maguire isn’t going anywhere this summer.