Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup




Collymore is an absolutely enormous prick, but i’m quite uneasy with the way people are dismissing him over this. I read an interview with him yesterday where he spoke about growing up as a mixed-race kid in a pretty unanimously white part of the Midlands, how people would spit at his mother and post dogshit through their letterbox. I’m not surprised the guy’s got issues. It’s hard to see how those experiences wouldn’t shape someones personality for the worse. As badly as he comes across i think there’s probably some truth to parts of what he’s saying.


whats a ‘Tom’? :confused:


‘Uncle Tom’ I believe. Subservient black man…


…oh :frowning: (cheers)


Agreed but he really doesn’t help himself with shit like this. He is too easy to get a rise out of and spends lots of time on Twitter. Not good.





Oh man! Forest are pulling a Wolves. I don’t know how I feel about all this oilballing… actually I’m delighted! Sign them all!


Woah guys! I just found about this great new app that will let you find out all the crucial info about that new striker your side has been linked with over the summer! You guys should check it out!


That when he Getz the sack, yeah?


Mate, we aren’t oilball.

We’re… err… what do the Chinese do?


One of those pictures I will never get tired of looking at.


Hey Woodward. Stop signing all these cripples and announce Bale


villas suspended chief exec is planning to sue the club


Anyone know how the FREE FOR ALL on Sporting Lisbon’s players is going to work?

Presumably the buying clubs will all have a tribunal process to go through where they end up paying a decent amount for the players anyway, but should still be some bargains to be had.

Also RIP Sporting Lisbon.


At least one of them will sign for West Ham and end up banned.


I certainly don’t foresee any issues with De Gea spending the summer being coached by the new Real Madrid manager…


Either West Ham or Newcastle are going to sign Bas Dost just in time for him to turn back into a pumpkin.