Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



Get the fuck in


Answer to the question regarding Afobe moving twice within a week or two…

Stoke are ‘loaning’ him until January when they are obliged to buy him. Be really funny if he’s absolute shite for them over the first few months of the season now.


Remember this?

It appears Unai may have listened afterall,


In further disgusting kit news…


Have Spain sacked their manager yet?


Players have put a stop to it seems to be the latest line


Grande Samuel is available if needed


and he is needed, Lopetegui gone!


(This is the ongoing thread for domestic football concerns during the 2018 world cup btw)




sadly that’s not even close to the worst eyesores Liverpool have put out lately


We are also in the process of securing Alan Hutton (yep, you read correctly). OOOOOOOFT!


hahaha how does he keep getting work?! :smiley:


Bielsa is the new Leeds manager? Wow.


Wonder if he will last as long as he did at Lazio


What an unusual piece of luck for Manchester United!!


Jerome Boateng made available by Bayern.

Thirty in September, missed 50% of Bayern’s games over the last three years.

Where do we think he’s going…?


Welcome Jerome :yemen:


Wouldn’t be surprised if he turned up at klopps ethical ‘right way’ paradise for 60m plus 300k a week tbh