Ongoing Football Thread For Domestic Football Concerns During the 2018 World Cup



might actually watch some of their matches next season
weird time to be alive


I’ve never been more excited about anything in my life.

Ignoring the warning signs and remaining positive that it’s just gonna be 100% incredible


Obviously the odds of it not working are quite high…but virtually nobody’s considering how brilliant it might be if it does.

Can’t remember many more positively leftfield managerial appointments.


already getting them back to training next week :smiley:


What a prick :joy:







At the time it was actually viewed as a very shrewd appointment.

Looking at the fixtures it probably wasn’t until early December that people started realising he was hopelessly out of his depth.


I dunno man, we lost to West Brom at home very early on in his reign…


Was mental as soon as it was announced I was doing my nut.

Him running away from reporters in the street. Wish he’d have got run over


Sure, but we didn’t know that wasn’t a one off, and it was his only bad defeat until Decemberish. It was the back-to-back home defeats in December and January when i started realising it might prove hilarious anyway.


Think it was the bit where he said we would need to “make it difficult for Newcastle” before losing at home to them that did it…


First text message I sent after Fergie’s retirement was announced simply read “Please not Moyes.”


A fully fit RVP would’ve probably got him Top 4/kept him in the job. Lots of rubbish 1-0 defeats or draws that were wins the season before because he banged a couple in.


Man Utd!


I think we’re forgetting how unanimously positive the media were that they’d gone for a British manager, and how sensible a pick it was given Ferguson had handpicked him.

Perhaps there was a disconnect between what the press and supporters thought, but they probably wouldn’t admit as much now anyway, and i remember lots of ‘Fergie knows best…’ nose-tapping and 'The ‘nited Way’ stuff, particularly amongst older supporters.


Sexton reds are the worst.

“We’ve got to give him time I remember us getting relegated”

We won the league 6 months ago you deluded old mentalist


So… what do you reckon ol’ Moyesey could’ve done differently line up and formation wise…?


Martial wants out then unsurprisingly