Ongoing medical queries thread

I’ve got to have an endoscopy shortly, basically a bendy tube right up the ass that goes all the way round the colon. Pretty worried about it really. Firstly, i’ve got to fast for 24 hours bar clear juices, which in itself is tough given i have a meal about every two hours. Then i’ve got to drink some laxatives which are so hardcore i’ve been advised i’ll probably need to invest in some lubricant, then i’ve got to travel to the other side of the city to have the thing rammed up my backside but can’t accept the drugs beyond gas and air because i’ve got plans afterwards.

Basically, i’d like people who’ve had this surgery done to tell me it’s not that bad, or maybe folk who work in the medical profession to reassure me it’s quite a minor procedure. I had the upper endoscopy and everyone said there was nothing to worry about but the camera was about as thick as a vacumn cleaner hose and it was fucking horrendous. Particularly interested how the camera navigates a few sharp corners and that, is it motorised or do they just ram it around?

I know speaking to the doctors is the best thing to do, but more looking for a bit of moral support than anything. Hopefully this can be a bit of a SSP for people with queries or concerns about medical stuff to get practical advice and support. Apologies for oversharing, etc.

lay the groundwork before you go in, start with carrots etc and work your way up


I have a medical condition which means that I have to have these on a fairly regular basis. The laxatives the night before are the worst thing about it - but even then it’s just a case of sitting on the bog for a whole evening. Take a book with you.

Normally I’m sedated for mine; but when I had what turned out to be appendicitis last year they needed to undertake a colonoscopy at short notice, to check that the pain wasn’t something more sinister. On that occasion I had to do it without sedation, or even gas and air. It really isn’t that bad, once you get past the initial embarrassment of having someone inserting a glorified hosepipe up your rear end.

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Haven’t had an endoscopy but have had colonic irrigation which can’t be that far off. Wasn’t pleasant but wasn’t awful either. You’ll be fine :+1:

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Sorry, reading back i should have said colonoscopy in the OP, not endoscopy.

can this be a general ongoing health thread?
my RSI is flaring up again, making life hard

Just remember loads of people have this kind of thing done you will be ok.
I would have trouble not eating for 24 hours and then travelling across the city. High chance I reckon I would faint.

fair enough, probs worth having this one separately actually

Where’s your RSI and do you know what caused it?

ive not had one but i think id prob not want to do things afterwards

I have had 2 colonoscopies. They really are absolutely fine. They will give you sedatives that allow for conscious sedation, so you are aware of what is going on, but there was no pain, maybe just some slight discomfort and if you want, you can watch the inside of your colon on tv.
The worst part, are the laxatives…they are…very strong. Don’t remember the first one being too bad but for the second one the laxatives were really strong. Not pleasant, but a good clean out.
I’d suggest you re-arrange your plans afterwards if you can, as with the lack of food and catastrophizing leading up to it, you’ll be pretty tired. GL

Had a camera up my willy once - wasn’t painful in the slightest, but lying there with the doctor opening my weapon’s eye and feeding a camera down it was fucking awful.

Hope that helps!

i’m not sure what saps told you, but he has no formal medical training


I second rearranging your plans. Have the drugs!

I work in digestive diseases on an admin level and can tell you that NO ONE enjoys the Colonoscopy (which is what youre having) you have plans afterwards? Hope they arent too strenious as youll not be feeling up for doing too much afterwards. Its very uncomfortable and alien feeling and many people say its the worst hospital procedure theyve ever experienced. The laxatives are hardcore. Dont go into work. Keep your toilet clean

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But some people dont find it too bad. Guess some people have a tolerance to things going through their body. If you cooperate it shouldnt be painful but itll be uncomfortable. If things get too much for you the doctors will abort the procedure and suggest either enhanced sedation (which youd need further down the line) or a virtual colonoscopy. (Capsuel that you swallow or CT Colon) but for most it doesnt come to that. It will be uncomftable but not painful. I still urge you to cancel your plans

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Cystoscopy cameras are pretty small tbf

Just laid a load of black binbags underneath my bedsheet and necked a litre of lemony laxative powder. Pretty sure this is going to be one of the worst evenings of my life (probably since the time i had food poisining and extreme hay fever simultaneously).

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hope youve got a good book for the toilet #pray4kik

Hang on, you’ve had a cystoscopy and didn’t find it painful?

I had a dreadful time.