Online Chat


Can be good can be bad. Just did 63 minutes online chat (bad) with me mates at Vodafone in our annual (or sometimes biannual) battle of wits. Usual format, they blink first, give me my PAC and then someone calls me in the next couple of days with a better offer. I want to break free of their chains!

Do you like online chat?


Fucking love it mate.

Nothing I love more than chatting online, I only chat online here on this community because I’m unable to engage with service providers online with the regularity that I’d like.


What are your tactics? Good Tone? Bad Tone? Neutral above it all Tone?


It’s alright. You know you don’t have their undivided attention though, which changes the dynamic of the chat I think.


Exceptionally pleasant and polite Tone


The Tone we know and love



“We’ll give you a Playstation”.




You say that as a customer?


Of course!


Are they also called Antony?


Yes. Always.


Also, without a comma before the name at the end there, it sounds like you’re talking about yourself in the third person.


Chatting in today


I did mine on my phone, like reading the transcript later:

I guess I would be looking for an S9 but the desk deal would need to be outstanding to make me not go SIM only and continue with my phone

(wonder if Ewan thinks that I think desk deal is a thing)


I also like that the “It was such a pleasure working with you!” tips the whole thing into sounding sarcastic, or at least introduces the doubt.


I reckon Ewan knows exactly what he’s talking about.

(Also, I just typed exactly as “ixactly” and it wasn’t an accident)


Not it was me who typed desk deal.


Ewan the moon on a stick