Online courses

Have you done any good ones? Planning to do some in 2021?

Just saw this and thought it might be of interest


I’ve done lots of online courses before but am not so good at actually finishing them. Might use some of these to learn a bit about surveying and make myself more useful at work. Cheers!

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Great find, thanks!

Ruffers: Life Coach does have a certain ring to it.



Town planning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Does anyone know any good music ones? I wouldn’t mind knowing what I’m doing lol

I did a few on Futurelearn when the first lockdown occurred. Their stuff is both easy to read stuff on their website with good short video lectures too.

Did some good ones on The Reform Acts and one on Female Emancipation. Doubled inevitably as great social history during those times.

I’m reading a book on the history of writing currently and will do one the history of books that they have.

They have some fun and slightly more high brow stuff it seems at the moment.

I’m having to do so many atm due to a career change. They usually consist of several long videos followed by some very easy multiple choice questions that anyone would be able to answer.

I’ll take a look at these discounted ones though as I do love the idea in principle.

weighing up the Apex learning or Imperial academy one ?

These end today in case anyone is still considering them!

Toby Litt (novelist, teaches at Birkbeck) put a free creative writing one up the other year. Did it trying to get my brain back into a writing space, enjoyed it: Starting to Write – A Free 10-Part Course (Lockdown Version) | tobylitt.

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Ruff up your life with Ruffers Life Coaching!

Some are a little longer I think. The offer on the one I’m looking at runs till December 2022!

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FAO Zana c/o @anon75298087

Do you reckon DM would give you some free healing potions out of it at least? :joy: