Online dating



Has anyone got any experience of this - good, bad, ugly/indifferent? *
Disturbing / amusing anecdotes welcome. Chat allowed.

*Asking for a friend


Me my GF on it, didn’t I.




I don’t think it’ll catch on, personally.


were you catfishing someone


Never, though my mum is heavily hinting that I should start using it


I had a fun time using it and eventually met Wor Lass as a result.

My opinion of using a variety of sites (although not the apps the younguns use now) is that you kind of get what you pay for.*

*not a reference to prostitution


kind of intrigued by how I would have got on with online dating…like, maybe a lot of 2nd interviews but never getting the job. Unfortunately I’m just too bloody handsome and successful and was snapped up immediately by a real life person



Feel like me going on a dating website would be like knowingly advertising faulty goods


you’d be in good company


Got mad amounts of dick from Grindr


My favourite Grindr proposition


I have absolutely 0 (zero) experience of online dating

it’s a whole subculture which is entirely alien to me




I started using it last year, I have yet to go on an actual date. It’s kind of awkward and I don’t think it’s really for me, but I’m shit at real life dating stuff as well.

Form an orderly queue, ladies.


been a long time since i was on any but if i was gonna do it now i’d probably go one of those boring paid ones like guardian dating or something where it’s all like boring grownups with boring jobs where people have a bit more invested in it. the free ones like OKC and co are kind of a clusterfuck (cwbaft, etc) which can be both good and bad depending how seriously you wanna take it


Only experience I’ve had is observing my friends use guardian soulmates (lots of my friends used this), plenty of fish and then tinder. Guardian soul mates and pof has worked for the vast majority of them! Tinder, not so much.

Heard a lot of horror stories about idiot asshole men being idiot assholes.


also i mainly used tastebuds when i was doing it coz it was full of hipsters but i dunno if it exists any more


Only ones I used were Tinder (shite) and OKC (worked for me!)