Online dating



There still are, but they/we have been together for years, and most of them don’t post anymore.

Back when DiS was full of 20-somethings, there were hook ups all over the place.


Just do it on dis tbf

Does anyone want to date me?


is this just raw numbers though or is it adjusted the number of people who actually are that height?

cause otherwise it is basically just reflecting how many people actually are those heights surely? e.g. not many women are 6’4"

(the chart doesn’t mean anything)


It’s the average number of messages received, per person, per week, so it is adjusted for the number of people on OKC who have stated that this is their height.

There are other charts in the article, highlighting how the stated heights vary compared to what you’d expect in the US population.


the link is taking too long to open for me so can’t read it… oh well


There used to be the most incredible ‘Single and looking for a woman’ page on this Scottish nationalist’s blog - unfortunately he’s removed the old blog posts (including ones about how he was in love with Condoleezza Rice), but the text from the ‘looking for a woman’ post is still up here:


oh wow.

reckon that phone number still works?


Only one way to find out.


Be careful…


I was about to say no way is this person real but :slightly_frowning_face:


Extra creepy that he’s happy to take on a 16 year old “ready to learn”


He looks a bit like AA Gill but with a more rectangular head.



Lordy. He reminds me of this MRA guy I used to work with. They have the same expression, almost oblivious to themselves. (The MRA guy had his own self-written Wikipedia entry. Currently saved as draft).


I like his tie. It’s subtle.


Used to be good at getting dates and having good times but I’m back on tinder and okc now and have literally sent nearly 40 messages without reply :frowning: Don’t know what’s going on.

One thing I’ve noticed on okc is that a lot of girls are now saying don’t message them if they haven’t liked you first, but there are so many guys on there I doubt they will have seen every potential like. I dunno.


Cant really blame them tbh. Id get a lot of messages back like ‘finally a message from someone who doesnt sound like a psychopath’


Don’t take it to heart elth, it’s a bit of a numbers game. On top of the probably loads of regular messages they get there’ll be a fuckton of dickheads sending dick pics/being abusive. It’s a minefield to wade through which can mean genuine messages get lost in the muddle. Blame the douchebags man, they’re ruining it for everyone.


I hate the douchebags so much. I always imagine a golden age of online dating I missed the boat for where it’d be easy to message someone without thinking “she probably assumes my messaging her like a normal person is some kind of post-post-post-post-PUA tactic whereby the man acts like he isn’t a psychopath because it increases his ‘dating market value’ at which point said man will gradually become insane and send her animated gifs of him attacking drugged bears with his wang because this is scientifically proven to attract women because of evolutionary imperative and dinosaurs”


I would turn for @Lo-Pan :heart_eyes: