Online dating



Phew! That could’ve been a total disaster for all involved :slight_smile:


This is weirdly heartwarming. I remember first joining OKC, I recognised a friend of my sibling and was terrified she’d tell my sibling and that it would end up with a huge family announcement I was on there


On the plus side, it would give you a way of storing your bike indoors without the handlebars marking your walls.


i haven’t dated in 10 years, bringing that online just seems like a waste of bandwidth


I don’t think those guys are up for being bike racks. They were very specific about being coffee tables.


I’ve had a lot of men wanting to be my personal maid / cleaner. Apparently no sexual involvement is required. Quite tempted to get my house cleaned for free tbh.


I suddenly have the urge to create an online dating profile. I could do with a maid/cleaner.


Can you message people without them having liked you first? I’ve never done that - only ever messaged when we’ve mutually liked.


thinking of getting a sugar daddy


You’ll probably just end up with a coffee table man.

Didn’t you say you were looking for furniture?


I dip in and out and have done for years. Pretty much always a disaster. As a fat woman reading @DarwinBabe’s first post made me cry as that’s the only kind of man that ever ‘wants’ to actually date me, online or off. (Something that old disers used to mock me about was how fat and ugly I was)

Man. Where’s the forever alone thread when you need it?


Anyone who does this now (to anyone) will be out like a shot. Guaranteed. It’s completely unacceptable.


Oh I know - that’s why I post more now! :slight_smile:


:frowning: that’s so horrible to hear, although (sadly) not totally unexpected. People can be dicks. If it makes any difference, I really enjoy reading your posts and it’s totally disgusting people have been so horrible. But as @_Em said, anyone being an arse wouldn’t last 5 minutes now :slight_smile: X


I have in all seriousness got back into the tinder thing recently after coming out of a 2 1/2 relationship.

Going well so far. Seems to be people who actually have similar interests to me and that I click with, which didn’t really happen three or so years ago. Losing loads of weight and dressing better probably helps the ol’ swipe ratio too

Edit - didn’t realise I was putting this in the middle of a convo soz


“it looks like a penis…but smaller”

(nb normally I am not a fan of size-shaming, seeing as we can’t help being big or small, but I reckon these guys probably deserve it).


That’s absolutely fucking horrific by the way. I think quite a few people (me included) came back and started posting more when the forum moved, but I’m sorry if you felt people were turning a blind eye to that kind of behaviour.


im so sorry that it upset you. I should have put a content note on it for the fatphobia :frowning:

I am really really angry that anyone on here would ever do that to you.

someone on here made a thread calling me ugly when I was 17 and it made me really think I was ugly for a long time :frowning:

aaaaargh angry at men full stop right now. not even gonna say there are nice ones out there etc.


Would getting your house cleaned for free by a naked stranger make you want to pay to get it cleaned properly by someone dressed?

I’d not want to touch anything in my house in case I got cockrot on my hands.


I’m diabetic - is that what you mean?