Online dating



“aw isn’t it cute” is my usual response. not sure where that falls of the sizeshaming homonormia scale whatever


It’s been a few years so I can’t remember if they had to be naked whilst doing it, never got that far into the negotiations. There was a lot of men desperate to be sodomised as well, it was all very amusing - all I wanted was to be taken out for dinner.


Has this place been through some wild west transformation or something?! How the hell was it ever considered ok that multiple people could write shit like that about other members of the forum!


The old version of the website was very basic- no icons, no way to see people’s previous comments, it was difficult to flag up bad things etc. So people felt they could get away with writing some horrible things, and there was a very cliquey atmosphere that meant that in-group people could get away with it.

A lot of people have worked hard to change the atmosphere/what is regarded as acceptable.


don’t really want to link to the thread I was talking about cause it makes someone look really bad who actually had nothing to do with it but basically some weird sad boy who used to post on here thought it would be funny to start a thread about other people calling me ugly behind my back with fake quotes and everything.

all the responses are people saying things like nah don’t think she’s that ugly, I would slam her, people just enjoying a teenage girl being picked on by mostly ‘adult’ men, people asking to see pics, some homophobia, some friends/ex bfs of mine joining in. a few people saying it was bad. just really weird that this was acceptable. it has been a very slow improvement on here.



I remember being like 17/18 and pointing out that the boards were sexist and just being told to shut up


actually kinda remember lots of the women on here being pretty horrible to be fair. one of the really ‘popular’ ones at the time found me on Facebook and posted photos of me on here.


Yes lots of the “we’ve got to keep our spot in the boys’ club” type mentality.


Was the thread starter that mart guy? He was pure evil but some people on here loved his shtick


Sounds bloody hideous. Well i’m very glad it doesn’t seem to be like that now.


no it was someone else who loved to wind people up a lot and I am sure has become more mature and directed his attention into being less of a horrible human being

I know none of us are perfect and we’ve all posted bad things but so many absolutely vile people on here used to post so much and get broad support.


Yeah, I only originally joined up in fact because I found out someone I dated had put a load of really embarrassing private information about me on here (of course without my consent) to get a laugh from the boys. Then I realised a load of people I know in real life were here, which made it even worse.

It was not dealt with well at all, and I had to do a lot of yelling at people to even get taken seriously or treat me like a human. I rarely posted on the old version of the site because people were so nasty- gratuitously nasty and spiteful for no reason. But patting themselves on the back because they weren’t builders wolf-whistling in the street or whatever.

When the new version was launched, the fact that you can see everyone’s entire post history made everyone way more accountable, and I started posting more often, and found myself treated a lot better.

(Still I guess a kind of bloody-mindedness on my part. Those nasty people think that the chat section of a national music site belongs to them and is their private club for being a dick? That can be changed.)


I am literally horrified.


It was not a good time in my life.


This just made me giggle :rofl:


Funnily enough I was talking to someone here about this earlier- I only ever lurked on the old boards cause it was like a snake pit. But now there’s profile pictures and stuff, and everyone has grown up, it’s mostly really lovely and brings me loads of happiness!




I thoug… oh hang on. simpsonsgrandpa.gif


It deserves praise. Top profile pic.