Online dating



its the MVP profile pic here, no doubt about that.


@manches-brute awww guys :cupid: !
Might get it tattooed on me, I’ll stick it next to my futurama one and spend the rest of my life laughing X


YOU’VE GOT A FUTURAMA TATTOO?! :ok_hand::ok_hand:

I’m gonna get a simps one before I leave the country.


I’ll get my own Futurama tattoo with blackjack and hookers


worried that if i made a profile on an internet dating site someone would screenshot it and upload it to twitter like “hahaha look at this loser” and it would get like 500k RTs and i would have to get a new face from the nhs


even when people have done kinda bad stuff I always feel bad for random photos of them going all over the Internet. I hate the internet…

I’m sure nobody would do that to you tho


@profk oh, you two. Proving my point about how great this place is now :relaxed:


Oh behave. I fancy literally everyone who posts on here



(oh come on, someone had to say it).


coffee table?


[in Lou Reed voice] “I am THE TABLE”


Reading all the stories of the awful stuff that women have to wade through on dating sites makes you wonder why they don’t implement spam filters. How hard could it be to train some machine learning about the kinds of message that people did / didn’t want to see and filter out the scum?


Oh my god. Not only are you poaching my dinner date, you’re also quoting LuLu. The nerve!!!


I remember when it launched and basically the only people on it were curious Dissers who signed up because when they posted about it on the board.


My heart is warmed. I thought this thread would end up making me all miserable as well.


There is a spam filter on OK Cupid -problem is it can sometimes filter out genuine messages.

Also a lot of these guys start out pleasant so you reply then turn nasty into the conversation


I would say almost half of the profiles I’ve seen have to actually say that they don’t want any dick-pics. They have to actually write those words. It’s crazy. What the fuck is wrong with people?


Unsolicited dick pics have been a thing probably forever, sadly - when I started internet dating in 2002 or 2003, various women had profiles stating explicitly that they didn’t want them.

With regard to the negging that various women have talked about in this thread, I do like xkcd’s take:



I’m not always entirely sure who is male and who is female, to be fair.