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I think you’re underestimating how much other people actually saw this as a form of entertainment. A few of us were even accused of being bullies for calling out sexism and other problematic stuff. We were “ruining the boards” and making it boring. Even people on here who are really nice and cool now used to reply with stuff like “you are a really boring person” if I pointed out sexism. And it would then build up lots of this’s (precursor to likes).

Really really long arguments would take place where it was often one or two of us against a massive group who were dismissive of almost any claim that the boards needed to improve. You also got a lot of people who barely posted in the threads except to offer support to the people defending sexism.

I can give so many examples of the types of things. It wasn’t all people starting threads with offensive spam. That did get deleted. It was an ongoing problem with the way people interacted on here in general. It seemed to condone bullying.

It’s nice that it’s a bit better now but I do wonder if it’s the age demographics and just that the more vocal misogynists have left.


Lol completely read that post as saying dis.

Still, strange how little anyone on here acknowledgeso how horrific it was.


Really sorry you had to deal with this shit, I definitely wouldn’t have had the courage to call it out like that and probably would have just left, so thanks (and to others like @_Em) for making DiS a nicer place for women :heart:


You have a fantastic face japesy, this would not happen.


don’t mean my face (obviously, cheers) I’d end up writing a pure desperate bio that made me look like a dweeb


I was actually hoping someone would go “no dont be silly you’re well fit IRL and in pics”



We’re busy supporting Japes right now.


Yeah guys! ffs


ahm ooot




Agreed; these are absolute dealbreakers


probably still good for a fuck n chuck tho lbh


I recently saw what I’d put in my profile and nearly cringed myself inside out.


So close! Damn my very big willy, damn it to hell!!1


I think things are definitely better now. I’m fairly sure we didn’t get along too well on the old boards but that was never an issue around sexism for me. There was definitely a huge sense of a select few people who were more intelligent and made it very difficult for people who were less so to engage in debates or discussions. It felt most of the time that myself and other women were dismissed because we did not have strong enough or smart enough views/opinions or were not able to articulate ourselves enough. This also lead to a lot of ganging up on the other side where I know I felt a bit ganged up on by intelligent people on here for being a bit thick.

What I will say is that I have definitely grown up a hell of a lot in the time I’ve posted here, I am a very different person with different views and I thank you for your (and other ladies of DiS) input and help in ME learning more about these things. And I’m also very sorry if I caused you any harm or upset in the past. It was never my intention to make you feel anything but I suppose I was feeling something myself and was reacting to that.

(I know this is not sexism or online dating related but who cares)


WTF has he done now


Don’t worry, it’s not like last time. He’s just worried that if he made a profile on an internet dating site someone would screenshot it and upload it to twitter like “hahaha look at this loser” and it would get like 500k RTs and he would have to get a new face from the nhs.


As if you need a load of needy bedwetters telling you’re fit.


Let us write your profile for you