Online dating



Who knows where dinner might lead? A romantic moonlit walk, some dancing, taking in a show, sodomy…


We are all a bit older and wiser. Even an old fart like me has changed opinions thanks to some of the discussions on here


I know this doesn’t need to be said and it isn’t my opinion here that matters but you are obviously an intelligent person with lots of interesting things to say. I’m really sorry that anything on here has made you feel otherwise.


This is exactly the sort of thread that would have ended in a massive row on Old DiS. Contrast with NewDiS couldn’t be more stark :grinning:


could we have a hypoallergenic cat?

(EDIT: not for dinner, obviously)


This thread has made me want to lay into @xylo and call him a cunt or something




Open invitation for dinner?. This year I discovered katzu curry


love me a katsu curry!


They’re called dogs. So yes!


:thinking: :cat2::gun: :bowl_with_spoon:


aw man, i don’t think this is gonna work out :frowning:

(don’t really get on with dogs - had some bad experiences as a kid!)


What about ducks and chickens? I’m not overly keen on dogs tbh. Just fuss the odd one when it comes in the pub.




ok. i’m back in.



A bit of both I suspect, plus some of us have become a bit more aware of our responsibility to speak up.


Yeah on OkC you can message anyone.

This has reminded me that you also see “Can’t see likes, please message me” quite often so perhaps the ones who want only matches to message them can see their likes.


Yes wait why? Is this because I stood you up for a romantic meal in nandos? I SAID I WOULDN’T BE PRESSURED.


Oh hang on is this about the @witches ed from radiohead thing?

The fact that he is me with hair isn’t my fault :’(


Dunno really. All the talk about the old boards and unneccessary beef made me nostalgic, I guess.