Online dating



you shut your stupid fucking mouth


<3 that’s oddly lovely. Remember when HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED was the third antagonist and the three of us would just make snide comments at each other simultaneously? and then brusma would be a dick about all three of us.

God it’s like Werther’s Original advert


I hope your new floor rots


Genuinely surprised people wanted it to change, tbqfh


i reckon we were in a happy place of watching me getting really angry at you, which only really affected those who also wanted to see if i would shout at them too.

Whereas in other parts of the board people were utter cunts, consistently, for things more upsetting than poetry and lead miniatures

EDIT i know they’re white metal but i’m feeling nostalgic too


I think it’s more FOMO - to see people who have liked you you need the premium, and the algorithm doesn’t necessarily show you people who have liked you. So OkC is telling you ‘634 people have liked you’ which means you’ve got loads of potentials, but actually you might never otherwise match with them.


you have gone way too far


Oh yes absolutely. I was more wondering about the ones who specify that only mutual likes can message them. Like they must be missing out on potential good matches surely? (I don’t message them but I bet they get loads of complaints from aggrieved men (yes I know I’m sounding a bit aggrieved, it just seems to go against what OkC is about for me (i.e messaging high percentage matches with common interests)))


I shouldn’t even be online dating anyway, I’m so shit at it. I’m proud to say I’ve had relationships with some top babes but they’ve all been from meeting them irl first. Just can’t get whatever I did right then to translate to online dating.


Got with my current gf via online dating six years ago.

Extremely relieved that I’m no part of it any more, it’s pretty brutal and I can only imagine it’s got a lot, lot worse with the advent of Tinder and that.


this thread has fairly confirmed my suspicion that if i ever find myself single again i’m just going to become a full-on hermit.

i’m absolutely incapable of competently talking to people irl and online dating sounds awful!


Maybe you should get them to write you some testimonials.


Aye, the thought of Tinder fucking terrifies me tbh, you get maybe half a second to be fundamentally judged as a human being via a photo. Awful stuff.


I feel like I need to point out that wishpig was probably the most consistent critic and force for changing the way things are on here and spent years and years relentlessly supporting women on here and calling out unacceptable behaviour. she left the boards for better/career things. without her I really think this place wouldn’t be a welcoming place for people and horrid behaviour would probably still be tolerated. this also applies to georgiabeth too I think.


And Tiramisu and Georgiabeth. The ‘culture change’ on here to whatever it is now has been an 8 or 9 year process, and people too often forget that.


To join the sub-thread, coming back onto DiS after a hiatus of about 7 years, the atmosphere is worlds away from what it was before. It’s a lot less cliquey, a lot more welcoming and a lot less tolerant of people being shits towards other users. I stopped posting because I felt it felt too toxic and was around the start of the mental disintegration.

Back on the main thread, I am just staggered by some of the stories about Online Dating. I can’t fathom the though process behind a guy sending a pic of his weener to a girl he’s never met, and even less sending some kind of abuse / very thinly veiled insult disguised as a compliment. Or that a guy messaging a girl is doing that girl some kind of massive chivalrous favour.

If I was to approach it, I would find a girl that had similar interests and likes to me and try sending a message accentuating those things that we had in common, and probably add a very mild level of self-deprecation. It doesn’t sound as though this approach is particularly de-rigeur, but it feels like common sense. But then, I’m way old and don’t understand the way things are done these days.




That’s pretty much the right way to do it.


Yes. If my wife ever decides she’s had enough of me I am basically reconciled to dying alone.


Find it difficult to actually message someone after I’ve liked them as I’ve no idea what to say/it seems so forced and just arghghgghghghgh.