Online dating



Say hello. Pick one or two things they’ve mentioned in their profile and comment on it (shows you’ve read it and it’s not just a copy and paste message). Ask them a question so they’ll reply. Repeat. Simple.


I’m shit at it, mainly failing to getting likes/replies or getting “far” enough into the conversation to ask someone out on a date. I try short bios, long bios, short messages, long messages… I dunno, I think I’ve probably deleted my account too many times and messaged people on OKC to be fresh on there anymore.

I had a couple of dates on Tinder, really nice people but not my type… no luck as of yet on POF and Bumble.

I think my (stupid) problem is that you can find most things out about a person just from their profile… I like the idea of someone being a blank canvas so to speak and you painting your own picture of that person… that sounds so lame but I don’t have a particularly strong interest in messaging someone as a result.

It would help if I was confident enough to approach those on the opposite sex when I’m out and about in public then I could sack it all off!

TL;DR who cares haha.


ok so this thread and other life occurrences have encouraged me to be a bit less nihilistic about using Tinder

i have just come across a profile where the guy’s picture is of a dog with a toy gun to its head and the caption “Swipe right or he gets it!”. i lolled but i’m swiping left because [extremely petty reasons that i would get ripped into for sharing]


…nah actually i’ll swipe right cos hes quite fit and we have some shared interests.




I’m doing POF. It’s a total shitstorm of:

  • pouting mirror selfies in a variety outfits
  • pouting mirror selfies in pub toilets
  • 8 ‘moody’ pics with not one smile
  • 200 word profiles about what they don’t want


Honestly can’t think of anything I’d be worse at than internet dating


I had a look at POF but just looking at the interface of the site made me feel momentarily profoundly opposed to the idea of romance in all its forms


Maybe. Dunno.


I think what I want is an online dating site for people like me who are reluctant to use online dating sites but are aware that it’s probably the only way they’re ever going to actually date anyone


You deserve it for going on PoF.


I found POF utterly soulless and shit.




just logged into okc for the first time in a while and all the questions are about determining whether you’re a fascist or not.


Aw mate, of all the bearded white blokes on here, you have one of the best bearded white faces. You’re a good’un, japes.




Buy a bike and then get on


this is all dating sites, friend!


Here is a moderately interesting story of an awkward online date I had a few years ago.

When arranging for a day/time for a date, we agreed on a night I was going to a gig. I think I offered the option of meeting up in a pub for a couple of hours beforehand and then I could go to the gig afterwards (always nice to have an escape option if it doesn’t go well), or the other option of meeting up at the gig if she liked the music.
Unfortunately she chose both options - i.e. meet up for a couple of hours beforehand, and then go to the gig. Which seemed like a terrible idea to me, as it could potentially mean 5+ hours of awkwardness if we didn’t click. But she bought a ticket, and so it goes.

Anyway, we didn’t click. The drinks were silently painful, and we both had little to say to each other, with so many awkward silences.
To fill one of the awkward silences, and potentially take up a tiny bit of time, I asked ‘Shall we go to the venue?’.
She replied saying 'Would you be offended if I went home?'
I said 'No!'
She then said ‘I just feel like going back’.
Awkward silence.
Then I said ‘Ok, shall we go now?’
Then hug goodbye, with me walking quickly away to the gig, cringing the whole time, but super happy.
I’m thankful to her for her honesty to this day.


I respect her honesty here
I would have silently gone through with the gig and died more every second