Online dating



that’s really the second best outcome of a date.

both people are into it: great
both people are not into it: fine
only one of you thinks it’s going well: problems


had an almost exact opposite experience of this. met for pre-gig drinks and it was pretty painful conversation-wise but we were both into the band so were always gonna have to stick it out. couple of beers later we both totally relaxed and had loads of fun at the gig, it got quite rawkus actually. i remember making out in the middle of a mosh pit :joy:


How come Slayer never sing about this?


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Yeah I might abandon that reply if that’s okay?


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yeah, POF is pretty awful in my experience. I did meet a good un on there though, who I saw for nearly 3 years,

Think OK cupid is a better site - less people (which is a good thing) and less of the things you describe


I met my now wife on POF. I think online dating can be particular helpful for today’s modern times. Ie the large amount of time we all spend online.

It took alot of practice to master online dating but I have two rules I recommend when dating

  • no more than 2 drinks on a date
  • no sex without monogamy

Happy to share more of my online dating wisdom!


I genuinely read this as ‘new wife’ and thought you were being exceptionally dismissive


IME dates only start getting fun once you’ve both broken rule 1



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Welcome to beeve city. Population: us


:heart: Only teasing - you know I’m never one to pass up an easy tap in at the back post after the defender has failed to track my run.


And I’d never cling desperately to a minor personal triumph in the face of a humiliating team defeat :heart: :wink: