Online dating





you’re not trying hard enough babes.


the replies to this might be my favourite set of replies on DiS this decade

cracking stuff


I downloaded and reactivated OKC and then deactivated and deleted it minutes later. I can’t feel anything for anyone without meeting them first.


a massive amount of me fancying someone is their voice

is there a dating app where you scroll through samples of people talking?


The Yellow Pages, sort of.


I get what you’re saying but, profiles are just meant to spark enough interest in you to message someone.



start chatting on okcupid

migrate to Whatsapp

send them a voice message or two on whatsapp and wait for them to respond


Online dating game - currently good


Have finally started some chats but have completely forgotten how to cyberchat. Just gone and asked two out for drinks without there really being a proper segue into it. Anyone got any good cyberchat tips?


Probably not ‘Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?’


‘Going to Gregg’s, fancy a steak bake?’


Don’t ask about a steak bake pal. Ask if they want a sausage roll, they’re ladies after all.

(Sources: I am one)


Have you bought yourself a cloak and wizard hat?


How did you know I’ve been using that line? :frowning:


Been on some good online dates, met some good folks who just turned out like pen pals really too. Also been on some awkward ones that went nowhere but nothing upsetting.
Met my current sorta relationship that’s continuing kind of unlabelled at least for the next week or so before they move to France for a bit online. Very thankful for it because I’d never have met them irl and they’re dead interesting and made me very happy (at times, sometimes not but that’s probably my fault rather than the internet’s). Heartily endorse online dating overall despite the creeping feeling that it could/can form disposable relationships and unrealistic perfectionism… and the countless horror stories shared by others… but still.




Got a great email notification from Match (which I have barely used) notifying me of goings-on on my profile. I was intrigued given how the subject line was “you’ve still got it!” but - upon clicking - I was greeted with a fair representation of my love life. “One person has looked at your profile.”

Speaking of which, has anyone ever been to one of those Match nights? I got an advert about one but can imagine I’d just end up sitting in a corner until a member of staff took pity on me and asked if I wanted to help collect glasses and clean the surfaces before closing time.


Got a date next Wednesday night. She’s a teacher, sounds quite cool. Looking forward to it.