Online dating



My boss met her husband at one of these.

Nothing more to add than that.


Bet that was an awkward breakfast the next morning!


Bump, cause I actually asked someone if she’d be interested in meeting in person and she said she would be! My dumb head is being neurotic about the fact she mentioned meeting for a coffee, and I feel (for no rational reason) that I should specify that I’d probably have a hot chocolate (because I’m basically a child) as I don’t drink coffee (because I’m basically a child).


Just ask for a hot chocolate when you order at the cafe. It’s only weird if you make it into a thing.


Don’t let things like that play on your mind. Literally nobody anywhere would consider that weird. I used to freak out over the fact I’d say “go for a drink” when I don’t drink alcohol. Nobody cares.


Twenty-five years later

ME: Dear, I’ve been lying to you all this time. That day we met for coffee… I… I ordered a hot chocolate. Not a coffee, as you’d thought.

HER: Finally, we cracked him. Cuff him, boys.

Several police officers come in and arrest ME.

ME: I didn’t know it was a crime

HER: It is yeah


Yeah, I can empathise with that! One of my friends who, like me, doesn’t drink talks about “going for a drink” quite often, and I realised then how dumb I’d been freaking out about that semantic thing.


Get on with it, m-b!


Do you think divorce rates are going to go down because of online dating? The “playing field” has increased right? Yr no longer forced into marrying someone who happened to be at Lloyds number 1 bar on a bank holiday Monday,


It’s coming up to winter, right? Hot chocolates can be well romantic. Don’t know who decided that but it’s definitely a thing. Whip out your own marshmallows, she’ll be swoooooning


Ordering a Hot Chocolate: Not weird
Bringing your own Marshmallows: Definitely weird


She is cool. :blush:


arrive at the cafe an hour early, strike up a deal with someone behind the till that when you wink and ask for a cappuccino that they’ll actually make you a hot chocolate. slipping them a 20 ought to do it. sorted.


Sit on the large sack of mini-marshmellows (all they had in the shop) and tell the other person they must be imagining it when they hear weird noises.


No way! If I went on a hot chocolate date and the chap brought his own marshmallows (and squirty cream) I’d be successfully wooed. S’romance!


If you’re on a “hot chocolate date”, then it sounds way more acceptable than bringing your own marshmallows for a coffee date.

I’m very single though so, yeah.


I politely disagree. Everyone wants to be around the sort of person who has spare marshmallows/sweets in their pocket.

Yeah me too. No idea why?


I don’t like coffee but like coffee flavoured things, subsequently when I drink hot chocolate it sometimes occurs to me that they should make a coffee flavoured equivalent, then I realise my mistake


Very irritated by how much I like someone off of the online. It’s crept up on me slowly for months and it’s now really peaking (I think/hope).

Only solution is to date many many other beautiful people to take my mind off it. Anyone?


hi there :relaxed: