Online dating



what’s the craic with the someone off of the online? do you know them irl at all?


Nah just order what you like. I always say “let’s go for coffee” even though I can’t stand the stuff, or “let’s go for drinks” even though I’m teetotal. It’s just the normal shorthand for it isn’t it?

Also: woot for getting dates.


We met online. We hang out sometimes but talk on our phones regularly


You sexy thing


Banned act.


There’s a family story that my aunt dated him once and all that placated my vehr middle class grandparents about this “musician” was that he was wealthy and would probably at least arrive in a flash car. He apparently turned up in a clapped out old mini.


Did he have his own marshmallows?


does anyone want me to matchmake for them like in Jane Austen’s novelisation of the movie Clueless?


sort of joke you hear on radio 4


Yeah let’s give it a go


ok, do you have any preferences at all?


I think they preferred other substances than marshmallows…


Left wing, likes animals, will drink cocktails with me. Nowt else.


This goes against everything I was taught as a child about stranger danger.


A flake man, eh. Classy


No doubt about it


I think I know just the ‘babe’ :wink: :wink: for you

but seriously I think those are some really solid preferences. do they need to live near you?




I don’t get cause I can’t remember the exact lines but I’m still laughing such is the power of the Simpsons


Hey you’re the matchmaker, you tell me!