Online dating



Your loss!
(Please ignore any advice I give, for I am chronically dopey)


this has got me thinking maybe there is an opportunity for a new dating site with actual agents setting people up instead of all the anxiety and difficulties of messaging people directly


I think it was fine advice actually! @manches-brute - regardless of what you bring with you to your date, I really wouldn’t worry about drinking hot chocolate. If the other person is such a coffee snob that they can’t abide you drinking anything else, then they’re not for you.


you know, this jpg alone would make me fancy the pants off someone.


Weren’t you looking for work? There’s definitely a market for a site that excludes wankers. I wouldn’t get past the vetting, but maybe you should look into it


I didn’t even understand it at first and it made me pure howl


I was pretending to not understand your “babe” reference. It’s probably less funny now.

This would’ve worked too;



I’d absolutely sign up to ‘Simpsons Singles’. not even joking.




when people check their inbox they could be greeted with:


Mocha hot chocolate?



I imagine that’s what this place will become when Sean shuts up shop next month. The majority straight male demographic will realise all the desires you had been repressing this whole time :slight_smile:


I should try that


my heart fucking breaks for ralph during that scene every time :’(


Yes please.


‘repressing’? :smiley:


There’s a Simpsons Dating group on Facebook which I’m totally not a member of.


for each other I mean