Online dating



I think I’ve found him on LinkedIn! Bow chicka wow wow…


Maybe as well just stick to people whose names make good anagrams?

One of my friends went out for ages with someone whose name was an anagram of “I am (her name)”. They have totally different names from different languages/cultures.

Conversely good ol’ cat_race’s actual name forms an anagram that’s a synonym of “appalling vomit” so perhaps I should have known there.


Both of those are amazing :smiley: :smiley: I realised when we were burying my nan’s ashes that her name (Irene) was an anagram of what they’d called my grandad on her plaque (Ernie… he’s more normally Ernest or Ron, confusingly). Literally never thought about it until then. It was really comforting though, they were married 67 years and together for about 70 years so it was really nice to think that their names anagrammed, sort of :slight_smile:

vaguely related: I like finding out what people’s names mean. one of my BFFs’ names translates as ‘gravel cabbage’.




Can’t believe this only got two likes!


Yes please :heart_eyes:


Top 5 Grindr dudes

  • the ones that send a dick pic before saying hello
  • the ones that don’t have a profile photo and get angry when you suggest you might not want to meet someone when you don’t have a clue what you look like
  • the ones that see you’re in an open relationship and say “I don’t want the married type” when their profile name is “Looking for dick now” or similar - sure sounds like you’re after Mr Right, buddy.
  • the ones than open conversaton with “Hung?” (usually reply “Manners?”)
  • the ones with the classic justmytype speech to try to cover the cracks of their racism


"hi hows u"
Hello there!
Just heading to work, you?
"just woke up"
It’s gone 10!
"lol how r u"
Pretty good thanks, gonna be a long day. You?
"yh im gd, u?"
Still pretty good!

"u horny?"
Just said I’m heading to work, pal.

“u got more pix?”


"HnH fun?"
Er… its Monday morning I’m going to work.

^actual conversation I had this week


Hehehehe :sweat_smile: I’d love to reinstall it and have a nose about locally :sweat_smile:


Might actually be going for said (not essentially) coffee date in a couple of weeks. Both excited and nervous. I can picture me looking at my shoes for ten minutes, then drinking the hot chocolate too soon in such a way that burns my tongue, causing me to scream loudly at such a specific pitch and timbre that turns out to be the exact replica of some kind of animal’s mating call, at which point I find myself hounded by amorous woodland critters … and then I mess up the whole etiquette of “who’s paying?” What’s the deal with that, etc


Can’t help but read this in Limmy’s partychat voice


Totally just got sent an aubergine emoji. Not sure what to do next


congratulations! Could be the start of something beautiful for you :slight_smile:




Sweat drops emoji back


Sweat drops emoji was in the original message ffs


Online dating?

I’d be better off online skating!


send you favourite vegetable emoji back I think


Tongue emoji peach emoji