Online dating



I call those Thursdays


That’s quite obviously Pitbull in disguise. You should definitely date him.


Went on the coffee / hot chocolate kind-of-a-date of legend and was surprisingly way less weighed down by self-consciousness / me being awkward than I’d been worrying about. Conversation went quite nice and the couple of hours kind of went by really quickly, though I think I started worrying about running out of things I could think of to say towards the very end.

Probably going to go for a walk and then eat chips alone while watching a film to recharge my introvert points, though. Stock up on solitude, maaaaan.


I’d be tempted to call myself Mr Endowed 23/7 to establish an enigma by way of the question: where is my so-legendary endowment for that one hour of every day?


Why, [redacted]'s mum, of course


did they comment on the hot chocolate not being coffee?


Yes, by hurling it to the floor and calling me a coward and a disgrace.

In seriousness though, nah.


so what was her favourite radiohead album in the end?


Now I’m not sure how you’re supposed to message afterwards. Thinking of saying “I enjoyed meeting last weekend, and I’d be up for doing so again at some point” but in a way that doesn’t look like I’m a weird advert robot or something.

Being inexperienced is a load of wank.


Sounds good enough to me. Don’t think you need to overthink things so much.

If she replies positively, pin it down to a specific date/activity.


Smiley emoji are your friend


I think this is the best thing I’ve ever posted on this site.


This is true. If I’ve learned anything (and I’m glad I’ve learned this), it’s that I’ve probably been overthinking this kind of thing for way too long.

Better than underthinking it, I suppose. This way I was able to become acquainted with developing my unquestionable artistic genius, etc, etc.


I’d just like to echo the “keep it simple” advice. if there was a real connection, it’ll be enough. let the back and forth breath, don’t try and say everything at once.

and yes, nice emojis


That Goth online dating service asks for money to read messages :frowning:


Also logged into okcupid for the first time in 9 months, someone immediately messaged me just a load of punctuation. Very edgy, m9 (logged out instantly).


i had an online date last night (met on Happn) - went ok I think. I’ve just messaged her to see if she wants to meet up again


i got banned from that before i could ever post a message

don’t think they liked that my profile picture was a dog dressed as a goth


Best of luck mate!

I had a really nice first date a couple of weeks ago, really felt there was chemistry, sent the “Shall we meet again” message the day after, got the “No thanks, didn’t feel a spark” message back :frowning: Just got to keep at it.


yeah that;s the way - she’s not replied yet so we’ll see