Online dating



I have a Bumble-related plus and a Bumble-related negative.

Plus = turns out I had two matches, hence instilling within me the conviction that I’m a legendary super stud

Minus = I’d lowered the distance range thingy in my settings and because these two people were out of that range, I didn’t find out they’d matched until the 24-hour message window was expired. Bit of a bummer that (it’s mocking me by saying I could find out who they are if I pay money). Bah


Swiping right on someone you kind of know but not massively

  • Bit creepy, pal
  • Only creepy if you supplement it with creepy behaviours like organising an archaeological dig in her kitchen as the pretext to meeting up with her

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I want the perspective of our robot overlords too

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


I did this with a few people, but never actually followed through with actually talking to any of them IRL about the match. I might just attempt to avoid them for the next few months :smiley:

Basically do it and then talk to them (if u want) is my hastily edited advice (not that u wanted advice but yr getting it) :wink:


Nah I def wanted slash need advice haha


Seems low risk in that they will only find out if they swipe right too


Bit harsh…


In the old days when I internet dated, I went on a few nice dates with people I knew vaguely in real life but saw on Match. None of them went anywhere but you could say exactly the same about the vast majority of dates I’ve been on…


Aye the bleak conclusion to the whole story is that I swiped and there was no match, hence no potentially lovely awkwardness


Just to clarify the low risk I was referring to was the risk of someone finding it creepy given the only way they would know is if the like was mutual (unless they pay to see their likes in which case who are they to consider others creepy) rather than a comment on the likeliness of their swiping you back


Had a conversation with a woman on Bumble yesterday. I’ve just sent a message asking how she is today and am waiting on a response. I hate this part. The messaging phase going past the first day seems to be one of the real steps on Bumble.


Always try and get the convo moved over to whatsapp asap imo


Yeah, it’s a pretty ropey messaging tool on the app, and it seems hit and miss if my phone let’s me know I’ve had a response.
I’m always wary of asking for a phone number / going whatsapp too soon though.


hmm i don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m usually just like ‘going to bed in a bit, but if you want it’d be cool to chat more on whatsapp, my number is xxxx’ and then just leave it to them.


The digital version of the note technique


The woman I was waiting to hear back from did respond and we chatted some more, agreeing that we’d look for a good day to meet up.

This morning she’s messaged to say she’s thought about it and doesn’t think we’d be compatible.



You don’t have some awful secret or something that they’re discovering when they stalk you on line do you? :joy:


Yeah, DiS.


dere’s more to @dillingerswheelman dan dis.


Not that I can think of, unless they’re hunting down my Facebook and are offended by me not doing a status update for 8 years.