Online dating



Think I may give the whole thing a rest for a bit. Another woman I’ve been messaging for a week, having switched to Whatsapp, appears to be doing the same thing, but with the just disappear twist.


think it just comes with the territory with online dating tbh, try not to take it too personally man.


I might delete a profile and restart it. Is that okay or a bit odd


Its just one of those. Probably better this way than meeting and it being awkward silences ahoy


A girl messaged me asking if I’d read Lincoln in the Bardo so I’m probably going to low-key scout for wedding venues


wow, sign me up


I think that’s the funniest adjective they could have chosen.


get spammed with so many of these things, one of them had to be good eventually


Amongst the usual ‘I am hot and horny’ and ‘I am desperate for your hard cock’ I got a ‘let’s go on a date to the aquarium’, which I thought was sweet, albeit oddly specific.



I know, I know it’s serious


The girl who messaged me hasn’t been online since. The tension, maaaaan


Had an absolutely sensational date off of okc this weekend, thanks for asking. We made out in the park from 2 till 11pm.

Just found Marie le Conte of twitter fame on it, lol. Quite a lot of young journalists actually go on there tbf (think quite a lot of journalists fuck around as well, c.f. ******* ********)


Actually sent a message to someone based on a music reference on their profile, their second reply ended with a full stop which I took as a sign to not keep the conversation going




I don’t know, just think short messages with a full stop in informal message context is a bad sign, and my greatest fear is to be considered overfamiliar.


Or… it could be a sign they construct sentences properly?


Ah but their previous message had no fullstop


Oh ffs seriously?


Even the best sentence constructors sometimes slip up. Especially when in the midst of blossoming love.