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Ok let’s settle this

Full stops:

  • A polite way to indicate you no longer wish to continue a conversation
  • Grammar

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Punctuation not grammar (.)


I’m just naturally weary of full stops, I’d almost always prefer to use commas but sometimes cave to conventions


Weary, like you’re tired of full stops?


I’m not big on spelling either


Just messing bud


backing up my case, I didn’t just make this up


Depends on whether punctuation has been used before and the message itself etc but using a full stop at the end could seem curt/like it’s an end to the conversation imo


me and you are the only ones that can take a hint it seems


Full stops in messages stress me out so so SO much. Always immediately think I’ve pissed them off :cold_sweat:

In other news I keep debating about getting back on bumble/tinder, please convince me this is a terrible idea and I’ll just feel miserable if I do start looking. Thanks!


I was made somewhat miserable by the realisation that Bumble’s primary effect on me has been that it means I can experience that slightly crappy feeling of fancying someone who definitely doesn’t fancy me from anywhere and at any time now.

My only real online dating news is that the girl who messaged me about three weeks ago still hasn’t been online since then. I’m slightly embarrassed every time I check my emails for notifications.


I would agree that a short sentence with a full stop can seem more curt than one without, however just because something seems rude, doesn’t mean it is rude. When I was texting a friend, I’d ask how she was and she’d come back with “Fine.” and yes it did seem like she was in a mood with me, but it turned out she wasn’t, she just had other stuff going on. You shouldn’t let your entire view of a situation be influenced by a full stop. There will be other indicators whether she wants to communicate with you than what punctuation she’s using.

I would suggest maybe don’t jump to the most negative possible conclusion. She’s not obliged to communicate with you at all, so the fact that she does should mean more than whether she uses a full stop or not. Why would she need to hint, when she can just be clear?

I think adopt a bit more positivity, don’t assume the worst possible outcome, and you might find things go better for you.


PS I’ve seen those articles about punctuation in text messages and I think they’re pretty spurious. I think generally it has more to do with age - younger people will use more abbreviations and text speak while older people will use more full sentences and punctuation. Not always, but broadly. My text messages are complete sentences with punctuation because I can’t unlearn how to write. Yes, I am one of those. I do sometimes use emoticons :wink:


You know what might answer the question, replying to the message and seeing if they reply…


You snuck this full stop in but then carried on with the conversation…

But really, as everyone else has been saying, it means nothing other than an ability to write sentences!.




Mate just send another message. She might be wondering why you haven’t replied. Literally nothing to lose


Ugh same, the boss at my old job did this in emails and texts to me and I always felt like I’d done something wrong and it was stressful to see :sweat:



Look how many of the messages in this thread end with a full stop! That’s not an indicator that they think the thread has finished. It’s an indicator that their sentence has finished.

As for that Independent article, the mind just boggles. Maybe I’ve just turned into one of those old people who doesn’t understand the youth of today.


Attrative: cool profile! I see you like your music tee hee, what’s your fav artist??

DISer: the radioheads probably

Attrative: cool.

See above example for a curt full stop