Online dating



Think everyone needs to think a lot less about things


It’s true :sweat_smile: it’s probably nothing, some people are just terse in the way they type and don’t see anything other than proper sentence structures. I’m still like “why do they hate me” tho when they answer curtly in messages :pensive:


Just visual cues ain’t it and these things are new forms of them, if you choose to do online dating. Except it’s all reduced to a few characters on screens and whatever else. Seems incredibly irritating to me granted but, that’s the terrain.




assuming the worst possible outcome is the core of my being (Might add this to my profile)


that was pretty similar, although I started the conversation and radiohead are my least favourite band




I spend ages trying to de-terse my emails, to the point it interferes with getting work done


Wait, full stops in emails are normal aren’t they? Do I just work with dinosaurs or something? Or have I misunderstood this completely?


This. But in work I have begun to care less what people think of me, so my de-tersing is just moving it from
‘Complain to manager/never work with me again’ to ‘Just think I’m a prick’


It’s emails like this:

Me: Hello! I’ve sent you the report, was there anything else I needed to do for it?
Boss: No thanks.
Me: :fearful:


Oh right


I would probably do this btw because it’s natural as I touch type and finish sentences as standard. Sorry.


Objectively I know it’s just that but still :sweat_smile:


You’re always so rude Fullstop!


I can’t believe people would read so much into punctuating the end of a sentence! I over analyse things, but a response is a response. If someone wants to shut it down, they’ll just ignore the message, surely?


In this case yes. If she didn’t want to reply she just wouldn’t reply. Interactions with other people who have to communicate with you like family or colleagues might be more nuanced.


Especially with bosses I think you have to ignore stuff like this. I worked with someone who I don’t think used any punctuation in the ten years or so I knew him. It was annoying but it didn’t mean anything personal, just meant he was a terrible typist. When you have a hundred emails sometimes you have to cut corners and when you mean ‘Dear Jazzballet, thank you for your excellent work, to a high standard as always, Kind Regards Bigbossman’ sometimes what comes out is ‘thanks’.

I’ve had jobs where after a weekend I come in to 500 emails all wanting answers and sometimes you have to dispense with the courtesy. It’s not nice but sometimes you have to (and it may not be about seniority, I was just a minion).


Was nothing personal by the way, I think it’s something we could all try and do, I’ve been working on it myself the last few years and it definitely works.


You’re totally right, I think just because I’m sensitive to it I make sure to go the extra mile even tho it takes up time, but most people don’t see anything wrong with it and that’s fair!