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Oh yeah me too, I have to admit I probably had a very bad relationship with the person I mentioned purely because he didn’t punctuate his emails. They were this lower case, unpunctuated stream of consciousness and it annoyed the crap out of me, I was probably extremely terse in my responses to him. Poor English in any form is going to rub me up the wrong way, if I messaged someone on a dating site and they get your/you’re mixed up I might not respond to them.

I always try to be courteous in emails but sometimes I just couldn’t and occasionally I did resort to just giving people a ‘thanks’ to let them know their request had been dealt with because often, that’s all they really want.


i stand by my interpretation of the @Fullstop I started a conversation, it ran its course, if the person wanted it to continue they could send another message (which would balance out my initial message sending), some people aren’t comfortable with just ignoring people and would feel obligated to reply, I’m not comfortable risking making someone feel like that


I like this person


possible hot take, it’s largely impossible to flirt without potentially running the risk of someone being uncomfortable.


very true and probably the reason I have never flirted with anyone


Hang on a minute. She replied to you, and you haven’t responded, right? You owe her a message. She didn’t need to respond but she did. If you don’t reply, it is you who is ending the communication, not her.

In my experience, complete strangers are absolutely not uncomfortable with ignoring people, they do it all the time, especially on dating sites.


He’s a complete tool tbh.


I sent a message she replied, I replied, she replied but there was nothing in the final reply to build on in another reply in my judgment


And how much of that judgement is based on the fact that she used a full stop? I hope that wasn’t the only thing that led you to that conclusion.


it was a short message, didn’t add anything beyond the initial scope of previous messages, ended in a full stop, clear cut to me


someone (I’m assuming a bot?) messaged me asking to message on Instagram. I’m not on Instagram, and it would look wicked weird to get an Instagram profile specifically to message someone on Instagram


So start a new conversation! She replied to you meaning she wants the conversation to continue, otherwise she wouldn’t bother. If she replied then it’s your go next, that’s how conversation works. If the topic has dried up start a new one.

I mean you do whatever you like but the only thing I will say here is that you are ensuring that the worst outcome happens in order that this meets your expectations, and you’re making it happen. You don’t need to do that.


Yeah, there’s no harm in sending a message. It only goes into creepy territory if you send a message and then send more messages demanding a reply or something. In this case, you’re fine, I’d say.

QUALIFICATIONS: was awkward on exactly one date

  • dying alone
  • sending a potentially unwanted reply

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potentially unwanted also means potentially wanted

Schrodinger’s OKC profile

I understand this is another instance of getting Schrodinger’s Cat wrong when joking about it


My deputy head /line manager has changed her default font size to about 18 point, whatever she sends to me I always feel like I’m being shouted at.


For clarification, I voted for what’s worse


Absolutely, if someone doesn’t reply and you continue to message them, that’s harassment.

If they reply and you reply, that’s a conversation.


ah, I might have to do another poll if there is ambiguity, I voted for what I opting for in real life


civilisation was a mistake