Online dating



Not a way to attract RPG fans m8


I mean the answer’s in the question really, “what’s worse, sending an email or dying alone?”


I’m quite comfortable with the idea of dying alone at this point


Absolutely unacceptable behaviour that.


should probably spend time on getting used to people using fullstops then.


Never used OKC before, only ever Tinder and Bumble. Am i right in thinking you have to pay hard-earned just to see who has ‘liked’ you on Match, OKC etc? Cause that sounds terrible if so…


You do on OKC never used Match


Eh no you don’t. If you mutually like each other then it tells you. Like tinder


Totally get where ttf is coming from and use of language & grammar online to convey meaning can be really subtle in a way many people are unable to pick up on.

My feeling is that if they’re not enthusiastic about messaging you back then don’t bother. You won’t enjoy the conversation and probably wouldn’t enjoy the date.


do you folks reckon you can go on a date without it being weird?

seems like a kind of a exploitative thing




like an ego thing or something


Idgi. I guess what I would say is that the best dates I’ve been on, we’ve been completely up front about who we are and what we’re looking for, including talking about sex. At that point they can take it or leave it. Just… Don’t play any games or use PUA tactics, it’s fine. Also date people who are on a similar level to you in terms of emotional intelligence and you cant really exploit them anyway.


yeah I suppose this is the way of the modern world anyway people’s lives are very compartmentalised, I just would feel really awkward and unnatural attempting to discover someone’s personality in case/because I fancy them or something.


If going on dates involves exploiting people then I think you may be doing dates wrong


Isn’t trying to make any kind of friend, romantic or not, an ego thing - the suggestion that by introducing yourself to another person you might make their life a bit more fulfilling?


it’s ok I’m not doing them at all :slight_smile:


Oh sure but if you paid for a-list you can see who’s liked you regardless of whether you’ve liked them.


yeah I think going out of your way to increase your circle of friends is a bit like that yes.


Oh you mean you don’t want your feelings about their looks to dictate your impression of who they are? Don’t worry about it imo, they’re doing the same and looks tell you a lot about who someone is anyway. Especially body language.

Plus okc generally gives you loads of info about someone if they’ve filled it in properly. It’s not just a meat market