Online dating



Come on now, there are other Smashing Pumpkins fans out there!


Ah I was just thinking back on the couple of actual dates I’ve been on and it’s felt weird and dehumanising maybe I’m just not very comfortable with myself or the idea that I’m an interesting person


Or they weren’t very good dates. Speaking as an awkward human being, I can assure you there are people out there you personally can go on dates with whose company will make you feel good about yourself, and them


Wait! I use full stops all the time, everywhere. See.

Am I an outrageous bastard? For this and not other reasons. I’m not going to stop, no matter what happens.




I just understood this joke. because civ is a turn based strategy game, you animal.


Feels like I’m in some sort of competition now.



met a girl on Bumble at slam dunk on saturday, went to watch a band.

hasnt text me since so I made a great impression


Maybe she’s thinking the same?


Have you texted her though?




Ah fair doos.


TBH if you’ve had a date, and you’ve texted her since she’s being a bit of a heel for not replying to at least say “I had a nice time but don’t think we are a good match or whatever” . Tinder seems to have normalised ghosting, but it’s not cool with someone you’ve actually met


tbf i was a bit drunk and one of my mates was at the band too. learning curve tho!


I text exactly the same as I write a letter or email. Full use of punctuation, proper grammar, full sentences, no abbreviations.


I would argue that different contexts have different rules and applying rules from more formal contexts risks misinterpretation




No that’s too terse