Online dating



Images are off her Instagram. Got to be bullshit


something about pinky and perky


Can you call her out on it, or are you just going to block, or are you going to ask her out on a date, just in case she’s just using the same images on all social media?

(or let us know who it is so we can track down where she lives and if it might be genuine)


I haven’t matched with her (although I did swipe right just to see of course)

If we do match and it’s obviously spam I’ll report it.


Dream big Tim, give her the benefit of the doubt. This time next year you could be married to a celebrity!


She is someone who’s personal life is a well documented zone of instability and financial bankruptcy - so probably not a wise move!


Enjoy your future relationship with Kerry Katona


omg @grievoustim’s gonna be Kerry Katona’s 3rd husband!


Would you say that a date with them would be some time in the Fun House?


It appears she has recently signed up for a dating app but then deleted it


How the fuck do people guess this shit so easily!


It was either her or Daniella Westbrook.

It’s genuinely her by the way she said she signed up on instagram


good sleuthing


I had no idea she lived round here


I’m just trying to figure out whether she’s Brighton based. There are stories in the Argus about her appearing in a Brighton court last yeat because she took her kids out of school during term time, but not much else, so it could be true.


Gonna be sad if she doesn’t swipe right now


it’s possible she was just here to visit - one of the annoying things about these apps as you end up matching with people who live miles away


She said she’s deleted the app. Probably didn’t bother deactivating her account


Matched with someone on the WTA tour yesterday.


And here’s some big news from Worthing. Kerry Katona gets her nails done at Worthing Salon (which says that she lives in East Sussex):