Online dating



She lived/s around Godstone I thought. Seen her in the boozer there before and my sister-in-law insisted on speaking to her and they had a lovely five minute chat.


I’ll keep an eye out next time I’m in Winchelsea


Just had a quick scan through her instagram, there’s a few brightony pics in there


See I think I could be The One Who Tames Her.


I heard she likes Bad Boys. Are you a badboy grievo?


Didnt realise daily extend on Bumble was free. The future is a different world from now on


been messing around with that hinge thing for a few days. seems like 60% grotesquely wealthy tories and 40% people who like harry potter. does it’s algorithm inexplicably think I’m into those things or is it just htat no interesting people use it?


No it wasn’t


me: [filth, all the time]

also me: one joke about pegging is enough for a guy on Tinder to ask me what size my ‘melons’ are??? ughhhhh men are DISGUSTING


Tinder’s pivot away from just dating / hook-ups and into dating / hook-ups / fruit and vegetable trade networking was ill-advised


this kind of shite is why I’m still so painfully single




Ok so I downloaded the Tinder app over the weekend and have begun to look at a few female profiles on there.
Yikes. I thought Pokemon was the app for finding monsters in your neighborhood, not this.
Why do a lot of females mention they only date guys above a certain height? Is it ok if I specify a particular weight which I will not date over?


I’m not sure you are ready for dating.


Did this guy get lost on his way to the old boards?




I’m not sure either! Haven’t been in the dating mindset for a while now, but thought I’d cautiously dip my toes in the water so to speak. I think I’ve already seen enough to realise this wasn’t a good idea.


Interested about the height thing though, as I’d say about two thirds of the profiles I saw mentioned this. Is this just an online dating thing now where the app asks you what height you prefer to date, or is it reflective of people’s preferences in general? Seems weird.


it’s very common , I guess because it’s not always easy to get an idea of someone’s height from photos


just swipe left. you don’t have to be mean.