Online dating



Saw a profile today which was simply a photo of Brighton Bus Station. Not sure what they were going for really


So why is this viewed as ok but specifying a weight or body shape you would not date is not ok?


because if that is very important to you then you can probably work out body type from photos

If someone specifying height bothers you just swipe left


I suspect you’re trolling, but I’ll take this particular question at face value as it’s something I’ve noticed as well.

I tend to ignore those comments in bios that only ask for men of a particular height (I’m in a middle ground where I’m not particularly tall or short, fwiw) mainly because lots of people have a preferred ‘type’ but most people, ultimately, end up with someone who they just get along with and have shared interests/sense of humour. It doesn’t annoy me that people ask for ‘tall men’ in their profiles at all.

Also, I suppose people can’t help what sort of person they fancy?


all forms of regimented online dating seem kind of discriminatory and upsetting


speaking of filth, I saw one girl who said she wanted to a man to come inside her so she could crawl along the floor leaving a trail like a slug

also on okcupid, saw someone who said she sometimes pours the contents of her mooncup over herself in the shower and pretends to be elizabeth bathory


Well, with respect, you could say that about almost anything.

It works for me because although I wouldn’t say I’m shy, I’m not confident enough to approach someone on a night out for example (although I have tried it, with wildly varying levels of success). I also work from home and only have a small social circle where I live so some of the ‘normal’ ways people meet other people are sort-of closed to me.


Re the height thing: I used POF and it asked for a body ‘type’: thin / athletic / normal / carry a bit extra / BBW / whatever, not sure if height was asked for. Guess it’s just a preference thing, think it’s OK for someone to ask. These sites / apps are generally pretty brutal about looks, body type etc


fair enough just seems weird to me to meet people with the specific idea of dating them by creating a check list of things you like in a person.


It is strange at first Bam. Being of an older vintage, I am obviously more used to the ‘see someone you fancy in the pub - pluck up the courage to buy them a drink - hope for the best’ school of dating. Online is very different; seems to be generally accepted that you are allowed to run through a checklist before going ahead with an actual date. Not for the feint-hearted


I guess it’s not so different in the end but feels faintly narcissistic to me. Like you’re trying to end up dating your imagined best person which seems a little unhealthy.

I like to see the negatives in all things though :slight_smile:


I was certainly a bit of an eye-opener for me. The mindset is very different to ‘traditional’ dating and certain site/apps do pander to the very basic laws of attraction i.e. (s)he looks fit


You’ve kind-of touched on the point I was trying to make though. People might have check-lists in their head, but ultimately when/if you meet the right person a lot of that goes out the window.

I think someone mentioned this upthread though, that some people, instead of checklists, have a list of traits they don’t want people to have - which to me just comes across as rude.


been laughing at this for about 5 minutes. absolutely incredible stuff.


Really wish I was attracted to women now, that’s exactly the kind of jokingly depraved chat I’m looking for!! General filth is totally different to personal filth


Yeah, that’s some top notch filth there, I approve



Filth thread for Thursday: worst things you seen/been asked on online dating


‘Dating’ in general can be a brutal business a lot of the time. Same as it ever was.


oooh! might have to join some online dating sites/apps for a couple of days so i can contribute!