Online dating



they were pretty much the only time I’ve actually laughed at something on either of them. definitely a lot different flavour than the little I’ve seen of the filth women tend to receive from men.


Dunno whether to reply or unmatch?? The pegging thing might have given him the wrong idea


Reply and then peg him :wink:


Think he needs to be fucked-off for using the word ‘melons’ tbqh




on the first date?!


I’m in that situation where I have had a few messages but I’m just not in the mood (partly because I’m hung up thinking about the last person I really fell for based on meeting in real life). It doesn’t help that liking someone “organically” means so much more than liking someone’s profile.

In summary, this aspect of life is terrible


Going on an okc date later, we’re watching Belgium France.

Think there’s the potential for awkwardness in this one but who knows.

Will keep you all posted.


Is your date Belgian or French or neither?


I’m not sure what she is, but also no


think I would quite like a form of dating where instead of being expected to meet for an intense 1 on 1 conversation you sit side by side and watch some TV together.

Pretty telling as to how you might get on as a couple (obvs the “I don’t even own/ watch TV” brigade can fuck off and read the London Review of Books or something)


who gets control of the remote :open_mouth:


That’s a third date question


Thanks it was my idea.

Tbf my favourite form of first date is the “yeah we’re probably gonna have sex but let’s go to the park and make out first”.


Didn’t someone post that in the Terrible Things Posted in Social Media thread?


I went on one site briefly. Didn’t get a bite. Set up a brand new profile with photos of me 15 years ago - younger, obviously, slimmer, clean shaven, full head of hair, conventionally more attractive - and was inundated with messages. I vowed never to go on a dating site ever again. Two weeks later I got chatted up in a bar by someone the same age as I was in my 15 years ago photos. Make of all that what you will.


no idea, it’s possible. it would be hard to see either and not be struck by them in some way


how did this date go in the end?


France won


Had one Tuesday night and we ended up doing this.