Online dating



I’m not a fan of the format, ngl. I guess it could work for different people, like if she was a bit more assertive and etc, but with us it just meant that the conversation wasn’t able to really lift above the light hearted and incidental towards something more fun and /or meaningful


She’s quite hot but I don’t fancy her loads, nevertheless salvaged it on WhatsApp cos it’s nice to get familiar with new and different people. The next date is gonna be more in my kinda familiar territory


Met a girl I wouldn’t normally meet up with (kind of hairdresser type girl, which there’s nothing wrong with, just that type of person doesn’t fancy me…)

She was mad keen and seems equally keen even though we’re fairly different people now we’ve met. She’s really cool and easy to get on with so, yer know, thats nice.


Me and Clive are ridiculously different from each other. We’ve now been together for over four years.


I met my fiancée on, so it worked for me - although it doesn’t really feel like we met online if I’m being honest. We met about 8 years ago and decided that we weren’t right for each other, but stayed in touch because we had a good laugh and got on really well. We both continued online dating once we’d met.

I think we started seeing each other seriously after we’d been friends for about 4 years, we got engaged a few weeks back.




Brilliant. I’m thinking of trying match. This gives me hope that I might meet someone :slight_smile:


Cheers dude!


Had a message to my uni email saying someone who would prefer to remain anonymous has invited me to join something called DateWithStudents. It sounds like a massive scam, though sadly I also sound like the perfect target for such a scam.


I met Wor Lass through Match. We’d never have met in real life.


still a bit bummed out about how I messed up my date last week at the finish :smiley:


Back in the day I think I basically messed up dating at more or less every stage. Amazed I didn’t trip over and accidentally body slam someone at some point.


my chat on these things is so dreary it’s unreal (shocker)

though most people don’t really seem interested and don’t really ask me any questions, not sure if that’s makes my desperate flailing around trying to say something remotely interesting more or less pathetic tbh


I just bail on the ones who answer questions but don’t ask them back. Life’s too short for that


yeah that’s probably wise.


so I met up with a match impromptu style last night, had a nice time, walked home, popped into my local for a cheeky half and just after in there walks a girl I had matched on bumble yesterday. She was in a big group and I wasn’t sure whether to say anything or not, I didn’t in this end, but we made eye contact before she left.

Woke up today, unmatched. lol.


I’ve had this happen - think it’s best to just pretend it didn’t happen


yeah I mean considering a couple of recent events I can take this one on the chin and laugh about it but jesus lord THIS IS SUCH A MINEFIELD WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME IT’S NOT EXACTLY GREAT FOR MENTAL HEALTH


Also bumbles got a 24hr limit so she probably just forgot to log in

(But yeah being unmatched is utterly brutal, 9/10 would unmatch me asap and it made me feel awful)


nah, there was enough time, it would have expired this afternoon or something