Online dating



argh we were literally going to meet up at the weekend, how has this fallen so drastically? Because I opened up about mental health? fuck’s sake


An autobiographical play centred around my Match experience

MANCHES: After forty minutes of waiting for my laptop to load the page, yeah she’s pretty

MATCH: Great! by the way you have to pay money in order to do literally anything and the only free things on the site are the emails we’ll send about our AI assistant thingy person who we’ve given the same name as a girl you really really liked but never asked out

MANCHES: Oh cool I’m sad now and my browser is now so slow it takes ages to close this page

MATCH: hashtag love your imperfections


Now debating whether I should download Tinder or retain the illusion of hope that if I downloaded Tinder, I would get a match or two


From reading all these posts on here, really, have any of you actually wondered whether all the stress, turmoil and angst is just worth it?

It seems way too much emphasis is being put on having a partner and that the dating rigmarole is something to be endured and navigated as a series of “tests”.

I get that people do want relationships, for whatever reasons (not for me, Clive), but to go through all this on your own time, affecting mental health, just seems utterly masochistic and insane.

You have to realise that (for men looking for women) on online dating sites, women have an endless list of matches and are likely to be talking to many people at a time. If you have a “match” it is meaningless in terms of a potential relationship.

Damn, just step back and enjoy the summer, call up that friend you haven’t seen for a while instead, maybe start a new hobby or something. It’s obvious online dating isn’t having any net benefit at all.


I find just having a crush on someone to be too much of a rollercoaster of anxiety, online dating would probably actually kill me


tbf in my experience as a hardened haver of crushes, online dating is way more dull


Tell him to go to Caledonian Road, London N1.


meh, it passes the time


:eggplant: :ok_hand:



i’m mr peterson in this scenario.


idk it can be fun to chat some random shit to strangers, even if it basically stays at that


I think this is a bit of a myth (only have anecdotal evidence against it though).


Pleased to introduce my new boyfriend:


Edit: ignore, it seems I forgot I had already made this post :woman_facepalming:


What’s his favourite Weezer album?


Don’t want to be condescending here but you’ve got to remember that everyone on these apps are strangers basically - no one owes anything to each other. In person you’d probably do each other the courtesy of seeing out a date and then maybe you’d click more as it went on. But online, if something starts to go in the wrong direction, what’s the point of keeping up the effort to talk to someone you don’t even know?

So just always be aware that it’s all just talk, i don’t think it means anything until you’ve met.


I know it’s too late, and I know you’re trolling, but this doesn’t really deserve a response


Dating extroverts is emotionally exhausting, I don’t know how anyone copes with it


I can’t believe that;

you let your battery get to 20%