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I’m gonna jump back in the online dating game soon, it’s been a while. What should I use? I’m 29, is tinder just a young persons game these days?

Don’t want to put my height in a profile because that seems a bit twattish and I don’t think it should really matter.

But it’s a horrible world we live in so I’m guessing finding some sort of photo that gives an idea of how tall I am is a good idea, yeah?


It’s essential really to have a photo of you next to one of those Tall Enough to Ride signs at theme parks.


Haven’t been single since Tinder was a thing, so can’t comment on the Millennial Dating Hookup Culture Nightmare™ but I have some friends who’ve had a great time with online dating, and know at least two married couples who met on

I find people my age (mid-30s) are more likely to be embarrassed to ‘admit’ they met online/via an app. Hangover from the days when it was seen as the last recourse of the undateable freak, I guess.

The matter-of-fact way in which women I know talk about the number of dick pics they’re received blows my mind. Well done men, we have basically normalised a form of sexual assault.


Shit: is 29 counted as ‘old’ these days…?


Been looking for an excuse to get to Alton Towers!

Might try and have my profile be a collaborative effort because I’m bloody rubbish at this sort of thing.


Could get your other photos taken on the rides to show you are Fun Loving. Nothing more flattering than a theme park ride photo.


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Shit: is 29 counted as ‘old’ these days…?

This is DIS.

I’m so old that I remember the master of the house forbidding to you to talk to next door’s servants


Apologies if Wolfcastle, but rowanatkinson.jpg


All puns are intentional.


Yeah I’m feeling my age


You too can look like the world’s most photographed male model:


When it had the notification pop up it doesn’t have the picture. Only the text. So I initially thought you were talking about Billy Corgan.


Met the TV online, went on a few dates before that. On the whole I think it was alright, I don’t think I went on any particularly awful dates although I did go on one where the other person basically didn’t respond with anything other than yes or no answers.

Amusingly one person largely went on a date with me because I was one of the few people who actually wrote to them in full sentences.


Did a bunch of internet dating a few years back. Can confirm that unsolicited dick pics and explicit requests are very much a thing. I don’t recall getting any nasty messages so maybe things have changed. All the people I met up with were pretty nice too (but generally boring) so ive either been lucky on that front or maybe just more selective.

Think I’ve told all my funny stories the last few times we did this thread so I won’t bother again…


Can’t believe it’s still all about the height, I’d of been king of the world…except for my face and awful personality, King of the WORLD!!1


Met my TV on OkCupid, and my ex of a few years on there too, so yeah I’m a fan. Have used it on and off before/between those relationships, and went on a few dates and met some fairly cool people which led to stuff sometimes, and other times didn’t but just because it didn’t click rather than anything weird. Think the worst experience I’ve had were one or two fairly boring dates, could be worse. My experiences of Tinder weren’t quite so positive, but that was partly because whenever I did get matches I never really knew what to say, so I wasn’t particularly good at converting time to dates.

Tbh, if you’re on Dis and you’re thinking of doing online dating, go for OkCupid. There’s loads of cool, interesting attractive people on there, and the amount of text people put on their profile (including a “favourite music/films/tv” section that will be full of Dis favourites) gives you quite a nice sense of what people are like, and loads of information to work with for a decent first message. I’m not particularly photogenic and I don’t think my profile was all that brilliant, but I seemed to do ok on there, perhaps because as other people have alluded to in this thread, merely reading their profile and typing in sentences seemed to put me ahead of a lot of the male competition.

(Again, this is through the experiences of a white male, appreciate the experience maybe isn’t as positive for everyone)


Someone give me advice for maintaining conversations / actually asking to meet in person. Generally my conversations on there kind of just end abruptly.

As must this post, for I’m hearing that the orderly queue has intersected with another similarly orderly but otherwise completely unrelated queue. Women! Lest you are collecting a pre-ordered Nintendo Switch, check you are in the correct queue!


yeah, advice would be probably just don’t write stuff like that 2nd paragraph