Online dating



“I don’t normally like dark hair but …” (implication that however he will generously put up with your second rate looks because he’s really giving)


In all seriousness though, speaking as a veritable perv, I’m not really sure what the appeal is. Willies are not attractive! They’re great and all, but they’re hilarious and weird to look at. Few things would dry me up quicker than an awkward picture of his veiny pubic gizzard… I would probably just end up Photoshopping hats and faces onto them and laughing like a 14-year-old. #ThisIsWhyImSingle


The worst opener I had was "You’ll do :)"
It was the smiley face that somehow made it worse, don’t smile at me!!


“Pop some googley eyes on it and then we’ll talk”



tried that cyclist specific one. there was no one else on it :frowning:


too busy riding


dinner? :kissing_heart::biking_man:


Do people lie about having carbon forks?


Also their helmet size.


(it’s been a long day)


m8s, if I find myself single anytime soon I will not be bothering with online dating.

so many, I won’t even have TIME for all of them.


Sending unsolicited Mavic pics.


Just ask questions based on what else has come up in the conversation or what’s in their profile, and hopefully it will keep flowing.

And when it comes to asking to meet up, just ask them! I used to be a bit wary when it came to asking to, but if they’re engaging with you on a dating website, chances are that, y’know, they’ll be pretty open to actually going on a date with you. Don’t think I ever got knocked back when asking someone out I’d been chatting to online (although obviously, don’t go bowling in on the second message or anything.)


:musical_note: Oh, look at all the lonely women!:musical_note:


I’m not sure if this is a humblebrag or a cry for help but I quite enjoyed reading it.


I think carbon forking experience would be one of my essential criteria.


All women hate punctuation errors.


Does no one use DiS anymore? I’m sure there used to be loads of DiS couples.


Well I’m working my way on @CillaCrack as we speak